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Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Thirty four years coming up in 2009.
May 2009

I grew up on the red soil plains of country town Australia where the essentials of life were a bike and a rope swung out over the river. Study came to me with great difficulty and I dropped out of university and wandered through many areas of work. In my thirties I started to find academic success and worked up to a PhD bridging theology and Jungian psychology.

My writing started in childhood when I would process my life on an old typewriter. In my adult years I wrote short stories for pleasure. The stories tended to mirror those of my youth in that they focussed on people dealing with tough inner issues.

One day I decided to send some to a publisher. A year later I was in print with a collection of shorts. The 'inner issue' theme is reflected in the book's title, 'Insiders'. As that book came from the printer I found myself writing a YA novel which is in print this year. It's called, 'They Told Me I Had To Write This'

I’ve been a prison chaplain for many years and these days work with men coming out or prison, trying to keep them that way. I manage a project called Home For Good.


William Golding, David Malouf, C G Jung, Joseph Campbell, C S Lewis,

Upcoming Works

"They Told Me I Had To Write This" is newly available in Australia. Available in US October 2009.


Ford Street Publishing

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Motorcycles, guitar, books, kites, wasting time on the computer