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On This 15th Day Of December I Share My Shiny Treasure With Thee

Another of my shiny shares.  A Victorian friendship-treasure ball.  And one of my prized family traditions.


I came across these many many years ago and have since given a few to special people in my life.

The idea behind the treasure ball dates from Victorian times.  They were passed back n’ forth between friends or loved ones with a trinket, note or bauble inside.  Perhaps a lover may have placed a lace handkerchief or some rare chocolates inside and given to his special someone.  The recipient would return it to the giver with a metal button, a stash of pipe tobacco or just her Victorian calling card.  It could be used for holidays, anniversaries or just simply given for no other reason than to say you’re thinking of that person.

          Victorian Frienship-Treasure Ball

         A ball is a circle
        No beginning, no end.
        It keeps us together
        Like our circle of friends.
        The treasure inside
        for just you to see
        Is the treasure of friendship
        You've granted to me.
        And so it is with thoughts of you,
        These thoughts that I now send...
        Of all that has stood the test of time
        The best, we call them "Friends

My daughter and I have one we use and pass to the other throughout the year.  I’ve left the treasure ball on her bed for the first day of kindergarten, birthdays etc. and filled with a: I love you or hang in there type of note.  Sometimes I may put movie tickets, an ice-cream date invite or Hershey kisses.  Then sometimes there is simply not a reason:  it’s just a reminder to let her know how much I love her.  I always receive it back with a ‘Dear Mommy’ letter.  And she always writes, “I’ve not filled this with anything this time but love. I love you, Mum.”   This is my most special treasure I love and the meaning more so, when it comes unexpected.  I also have one I share with my sister and my luv throughout the year.  Just random, “I love you’ and ‘you’re very special’a little notes inside’ or, “things will be alright, here’s a hug, luv” support.  I leave them hanging on the bedroom wall year round.

How about you; what are some of your special family traditions you’ve adopted?