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Because, sometimes fact is indeed stranger than fiction and why we shouldn’t put off the should've, could've and would've repentances of life. I met Richard decades ago.  He owned an old military surplus shop located in an eclectic part of my city: a melting pot full of artists, professionals and...
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Below is the audio link of Psychjourney's interview with me for The Unbreakable Child.  *Psychojourney Podcast -- Jamie Mason Interview Me On The Unbreakable Child*  21 min, 7 seconds A special thank you to: Psychjourney Podcast Blog Psychology Memoirs Jamie Mason's Blog  In addition, I'm posting...
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Irish Commision Report And Catholic Orphanages 10:09 PM PDT, May 23, 2009 "The Pen and Palette is asking the question, "Who Wears the Face of God? the target seeking missile question woven throughout Kim Michele Richardson's inforgettable memoir, The Unbreakable Child.  And the release of...
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Today, I am letting my readers interview the real-life male protagonist, William F. McMurry, woven throughout my book, The Unbreakable Child.  I gathered up some of your questions and he gives his responses below.  William, has in the past, and is currently the champion and strong voice for,...
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I'm beginning my blogosphere interviews for The Unbreakable Child, starting here at Gumbo Writer.  Please stop by and say hello.
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Kim Michele Richardson's Unbreakable Child Launches with a Bang Kim Michele Richardson -- already profiled on WHAS 11 TV, Mancow talkshow and featured in daily papers, TV and radio -- launched her tell-all emotional book The Unbreakable Child (ISBN 9781601641632) to a crowd at Carmichael's, one of ...
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... And what I'd like to share with yours. With prom season, school graduations etc. just around the corner, and as the parent of a teen, I felt it was important to share. Today, my sixteen-year-old daughter's school was surrounded by EMTs, police and fire fighters. A helicopter hovered above the...
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                                                                        Excerpt The Unbreakable Child   © The groundhog saw his shadow today and I look out and see; winter's bleak, the warted barks of brown, naked trees, sleeping grasses and I hear cold winds whistle, snake between ill-fitted...
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A precious shiny give-a-way for Valentine Day, one to start your own tradition.  The Treasure & Friendship  Ball.  Read my previous post here to learn more about The Treasure Balls . ”The gift that has no beginning has no end, it keeps us together, like our circle of friends. And the treasure...
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First Give-A-Way Go to my Writer In Writing Blog To Participate Following in my bootah shakin’ purgatory sister’s footsteps, debut author, Cindy Pon, I’m excited to hold the first give-a-way of my memoir, The Unbreakable Child.  Release date, April 1st 2009. And I, like bootah shakn’ Cindy, will...
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Another of my shiny shares.  A Victorian friendship-treasure ball.  And one of my prized family traditions.    I came across these many many years ago and have since given a few to special people in my life. The idea behind the treasure ball dates from Victorian times.  They were passed back n’...
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I’ll never forget the day Lucy Rose captured my heart; a snowy Christmas Eve. My daughter’s teacher had called the day before and said, “Your puppy is ready.  Surprise!” “Hahaha, no, thank you,” I said politely. “But your daughter said you wanted another shepherd?” I did not!  It had been three...
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It was waiting on my porch yesterday--my Christmas shiny to myself!!  And I couldn’t wait to tear open the package.  It didn’t take me long to greedily consume award winning photographer, Andrew Eccles book, Ailey Ascending A Portrait in Motion, just released by Chronicle Books.  And what a treat...
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                            I headed down to the Dedication of La Tisa’s Habitat for Humanity home this past weekend.  A lot of energies, sweat (and in my case a little blood) went into building this house; but ultimately it was the cooperative goodwill work and sharing by many.  And more...
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As many of you know, my book, The Unbreakable Child, references clergy abuse amongst other significant moral issues.   Child abuse is a HUMAN issue and a hard -- difficult subject to talk about.  But the world must know, no matter how uncomfortable the subject of child abuse is: we as a society,...
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