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True Love
Unquenched deserts

True Love

We have ridden the storms of turbulent seasons and held tight to those headstrong reins. Through passion and youthful lusts to unquenched deserts we tread upon, and fell along the dry lands of wilderness past.

We coasted at times on a sea of glass but life's unforgiving winds and roaring waves blew us along the shifting sands, where did we land? Murky waters never weighed us down, time was our friend and wouldn't let us drown.

The years along the way remembered our youth, they called us back to greener land, a pasture of memories, small buds from thoughts planted deep in the ground. Our life transformed and grew, who knew what a beautiful flower we would make.

A life, our life, neither nurtured or caressed, a delicate seed tossed to and fro until love, True Love embraced the winds of time and slowed the clock, till we now say, "where have all the hours gone?"

Years and years just swept away, seasons past of greener grass, the day is here the time is now, preserved for the worthy and pure at heart, our final destiny.

No more souls in fashion's dare, the wiser we now wear, youth's tears and neglect formed its chiseled heart, a heart of gold, A heart we wear proudly that quietly whispers after life's turbulent storms, "True Love." As long last our souls.

Written by: Kim dana Garcia ©