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To Buy A Love of Reading, Buy This Book
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How To Buy a Love of Reading

How to buy a love of reading? Start by buying this book. Egan Gibson reminds me why I love to read- because I love to fall in love with characters and want to rip the heads off of others and sometimes those roles shift, because I love when an author can so artfully navigate the blurry line between the classes, a clear nod to Fitzgerald and, for me, Ethan Canin, but with a voice that is so instinctively, purely her own, because I love when an author can so clearly translate a sensitivity to the universal nature of longing, because I love when a book can be smart and funny and insightful and sweet and not pull punches unless it means to all at the same time, but mostly because I so rarely get to lose myself in THIS kind of book. Buy your love of reading. Now.