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Saving Bukowski's house
DeLongpre Avenue as it is today

I assisted with a preservation campaign seeking to make the East Hollywood bungalow court where Charles Bukowski wrote "Post Office" named an official Historic-Cultural monument, an urgent issue since property investors had evicted the tenants and listed the property on Craigslist as a $1.3million tear down.

The owners claimed the property did not deserve recognition because Bukowski was, believe it or not, a Nazi. He was no such thing.

Much to our delight and amazement, the Cultural Heritage Commission and City Council agreed that this spot is worthy of being saved, and this week it was named a monument! We don't know what the future holds for DeLongpre, but on March 9, the anniversary of Buk's death, it will be the honored centerpiece of our Esotouric bus adventure Haunts of a Dirty Old Man: Charles Bukowski's LA.

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Thank You!

This is wonderful! Post Office is my second favorite Bukowski (after The Most Beautiful Woman in Town and Other Stories). I’ve never been to LA, but I’ve frequently tried to picture Bukowski’s routes and haunts and hang-outs. When I describe the LA from Bukowski’s works to people who have been there they always tell me the city has changed and I would probably be disappointed if I went on a mad hunt to find the city he loved and suffered in so well. It heartens me to learn that there are some monuments left and I still have a chance to see where he did some of his best writing…thank you for doing this for fans like me—your work is greatly appreciated!

Lauren Sapala, redroom.com

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Buk sites

Thanks, Lauren, I appreciate your saying that. If you'd like to get a sense of what some of the Bukowski sites look like now, check out this photo set from the most recent Haunts of a Dirty Old Man tour, hosted by my husband Richard Schave. Pink Elephant Liquor, at least, has not changed!