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From Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize winner Kevin Patterson, an epic first novel of north and south, infused with stark beauty, startlingly realized characters and fierce truths. Born on the tundra in the early 1950s, Victoria knows nothing but the nomadic hunting life of the Inuit until, at the age of ten, she is evacuated to a southern sanitarium for the treatment of...
Books in CanadaKevin Patterson's first book, The Water In Between, was a wry, superbly intelligent take on one of fiction's most seductive scenarios: the romantic who runs away to sea. In Patterson's case, a failed romance combined with a dismal career as an army doctor in the prairies resulted in his decision to sail away to Tahiti. The fact that he had no sailing experience and...
The Water In Between: a journey at sea
A high-seas adventure story that combines the wry wit and deep reflection of A Walk in the Woods with the action and suspense of A Perfect Storm. A stint in the army and a broken heart lead Kevin Patterson to the dock of a sailboat brokerage on Vancouver Island, where he stands contemplating the romance of the sea and his heartfelt desire to get away. By the end of the day, he...