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An analysis of the influence of eugenic theory and language on John Steinbeck's thinking and tactics as he was preparing to write, and writing, The Grapes of Wrath.
17 page (double column) critical biography of John Steinbeck, the American Nobel Laureate in Literature.
This volume collects a selection of scholarly papers originally presented at the Fourth International Steinbeck Congress.  It begins with an introduction by the co-editors--Kevin Hearle and Susan Shillinglaw--discussing the organization of the book.  The essays are grouped into four sections: I. Beyond Boundaries (focusing on new contextualizations of Steinbeck's works and on his...
A collection--edited by, and with an introduction by, Kevin Hearle--of the best and most representative California works of Mary Austin, including the entire text of her classic book The Land of Little Rain; a number of her finest short stories; the first chapter of her long- suppressed but wonderful feminist novel Cactus Thorn; selections from her non-fiction work The Flock; her...
This, the 2nd Viking Critical Library edition of John Steinbeck's classic novel, reinstates the author's original (and previously expurgated) text, and bundles that with an excerpt from the Benson biography of Steinbeck, an updated essay on the critical reception of the novel, a series of discussion questions, and a wealth of scholarly essays about various aspects of The Grapes of...
3rd edition, with cover art by Stew Henderson
All places are complicated, because what one becomes depends on them, but I think poets who are native Californian's have bewildering ironic relationships to the place, and not just because California has changed. It's that there are references so strange, so odd, one feels he couldn't explain them to anyone.... Like Didion or Hass, Kevin Hearle is obsessed by an identity that...