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What do we seek in poetry? by Antoinette May According to an expert— Kevin Arnold—it’s the unexpected, the undreamed of. What is found in poetry is that which is so often passed...
Published by Caesura magazine
Crafted Leaps, Poetry of Great Permission A Review of Brenda Hillman's Practical Water Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT, 2009, 103 pages It is hard to read Brenda Hillman...
Published by VALPARAISO POETRY REVIEW Contemporary Poetry and Poetics
THE ONLY CONSTANT IS THE PAGE NUMBER: BRENDA HILLMAN'S CASCADIA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hillman’s realized notion of...

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Kevin Arnold reviews
by stefhen-bryan
The core of this book is the author's ruthless honesty. Given popular taste, Stefhen has to sell it from a voyeuristic angle, but...