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Update on “Momma Kate,” my med-school student daughter who’s providing foster care and adopting three children
Kate and her Charges


For as many people who congratulate Kate on her spunk, almost as many question what she’s doing.  I listen attentively but so far I haven’t let their fears infect my thinking.

First, she knows and loves these kids.  She’s provided relief for both their mother and others providing foster care for these children for many years.  Also, she acted as a child advocate for a foster-care child in Georgetown, a seventeen year old girl who had a baby while still in high school, so she’s familiar with the family-care system and its challenges.  She also organized meetings that brought Washington, D. C. foster care children and Georgetown University students together.  Several of her friends volunteered into positions they’d not experienced before getting to know Kate.

Also, out here in California, she’s gathered her friends around her, a group we loosely call ‘her posse.’  If it weren’t for her hard-working friends, she knows she couldn’t provide foster care for these children, much less adopt them, but the posse is helping tremendously.  Whenever I go over to her home, the kids are being not only attended to, but engaged and challenged.  Kate sees herself as the center of a wheel, with many people helping out by the rim where the rubber meets the road.

The attached photo was on a day she took them all to soccer.  She’s not only one of the least likely soccer moms but, having just turned twenty-nine, one of the youngest.  Thankfully, the kids seem as happy with her as they do in the attached photograph.