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The Exact Second I Fell Under Jennifer Lawrence’s Spell
Jennifer Lawrence


I'm a latecomer to the Jennifer Lawrence party, but I've been doing my homework.  With no acting training, she convinced her parents to go to New York City, where, at 16, she won a key role in a TV series.  For that, she received the Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Performer in a TV Series for her role in the show.  Awards have followed her ever since.  Her performance in The Hunger Games changed Hollywood:

The fact that The Hunger Games emerged as a big box office hit with a female lead represents a dramatic shift for the action film genre because historically, among the "top 200 worldwide box-office hits ever ($350 million and up), not one has been built around a female action star" and for the first time ever, Lawrence contradicts that.  She is currently the highest grossing action heroine ever.

She won me in an instant night before last, when Jack Nicholson interrupted her post-Oscar interview.  Somehow, while still remaining respectful, she turned to him with grandmother-ish words, “You’re being rude.”  Here’s a website that shows the incident:  http://www.businessinsider.com/jennifer-lawrence-freaked-out-when-jack-n...