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Scotty’s Play, “Mortality Play,” Is Sold Out in New York City
Mortality Play


On Monday I’m flying to New York for less than twenty-four hours to see the play he wrote the music for at New York University’s Tisch School.  He turned twenty-six this week.  When I first saw the play, written with Alana Jacoby for the University as part of his curriculum, it was so moving that I cried.  So I’m going back.

Scotty moved from ‘all Theater’ at Palo Alto High School to a double major in Music and Theater at Santa Clara University to all Music-writing at Tisch.  Although he collaborated on the lyrics, it was Alana who took final responsibility for the book and lyrics.  Scotty’s contribution was mainly the music for the songs.

The play will be condensed for Monday evening’s performance, pretty much down to the songs.  I can’t wait.