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Kate’s Plan is Manifesting Itself; the Kids Slept under Her Roof Last Night
Mommy Kate's Kids


In a previous entry, I described how my daughter Kate, a fourth-year medical student at Georgetown, had planned to provide Foster Care for three young siblings, and adopt all three of them.  One problem was that they’re in California and she was in Washington, D. C., but the deans at Georgetown Medical School worked out a way for her to spend most of her last year doing rotations at Stanford, Kaiser, UCSF, and other nearby medical facilities.  It’s a strange course she’s laid out for herself, of course, but one filled with meaning for her.

This is their picture, in the house she’s rented for them in Los Altos, California.  They moved in Monday.  She registered them all in school yesterday and today she’s headed for soccer practice with all three of them.

When people ask what I think of this as her father, I can only say I have no doubt this is the path she wants to take; that she’s known these kids for five years or more and has provided temporary Foster Care for them at every opportunity; that she’s put money away for their education; that the Foster Care they had was at a crossroads and she felt this was the only way they could stay together; that she’s learned that Foster Care without adoption is much less effective than with; and that I love her.  As her parent, it’s my responsibility to support her as she wants to live her life and this is it.  So last weekend we went to Costco and came away with $450 worth of groceries, the first of many such trips.

One of the strangest things about this all is that their birth mother lives nearby and supports Kate 100%.  Indeed, this is what she posted on Kate’s Facebook page today: KATE YOUR A FREAKIN ROCK-STAR!!!! I LOVE YOU THANKS FOR TAKING MY CHILDREN IN AND BEING A MOTHER TO THEM I'D BE LOST WITHOUT YOU, THEY'D BE LOST WITHOUT YOU, YOU ROCK GIRL!!!! ALL LOVE AND GRATITUDE  Clearly, this is not what I’d planned for Kate, but it’s not all bad, either.  Now if she can only keep up with all these new responsibilities and Med School too.  My guess is she can.