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Hometown Novelist Sweeps Globe

Congratulations to Antoinette May Author and Journalist, the leader of our leaderless critique group, the gang that puts on the Gold Rush Writers Conference.  She's hosted our group twelve years now, isn't that some kind of record?  Her first Harper Collins novel, Pilate's Wife, has now been translated into eighteen languages.  And her mailbox is full of mash notes on her second, The Sacred Well.  Gold Rush Writers, a great bargain, is coming right up on April 30, May 1 & 2.  Through March 31 it's only $145, which includes four workshops (from a choice of sixteen although they're filling up fast), four meals, and a keynote lecture from bestselling author Mary Mackey.  My workshops there (Short Story and POV) are filled, but if you drop me a note at kevinarnold@UWalumni.com we'll work to shoehorn you in.  Bribes, especially creative ones, would almost certainly seal the deal.