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Former US Poet Laureate Bob Hass is jostled by Oakland Police as, Across America, Universities Defend Protest Rights
Poet Brenda Hillman


This is fresh news, from last night.  The confrontation happens at about 1:11 into the Video on the link below.  I had a hard time recognizing Bob in the hat, but I’ve had it verified that it’s him.

Bob and his wife, Poet Brenda Hillman (see reviews on this Red Room Blog), are devoted to Progressive Politics.  While my politics aren’t completely aligned with theirs, his unquestioned accomplishments as a poet, literary critic, and teacher make this confrontation a sad sight for me: http://www.facebook.com/l/eAQHvdSO0AQFLFBe9-WFTOmuL_d231Ow2BLDeotzItz8m_w/www.ktvu.com/videos/news/berkeley-tension-mount-at-occupy-berkeley-uc/vD77f/

Perhaps this is part of a bigger story, where Universities across America are defending the right to protest:


However, knowing Bob, the stance was his and Brenda’s, not influenced by others in the University administration.  I included Brenda's photo because it's one of my favorites, taken by Star Black.


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Then they came for the poets.

Then they came for the poets.