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Keta Diablo's CROSSROADS Receives Stellar Reviews
CROSSROADS -Phaze Publishing


Keta Diablo is one of my favorite erotic romance authors. Because I enjoyed her erotic historical romances, I thought I’d try out her new male/male contemporary erotic romance. I've never read a male/male romance or an erotic male/male romance so when I got my hands on a copy of Keta Diablo's Crossroads I was both excited and a bit nervous. It was my first but it won't be my last. Keta really promoted this book well and I was hooked into reading the novel after first seeing the marvelous and colorful cover for the book. I also read a very intense and intriguing excerpt on Keta's website that left me wanting to read the novel as soon as possible.

Keta Diablo delivers a steamy, hot, sexy and mysterious male/male erotic romance novel that will make want more and more. You won’t want the story to end. I was sad finishing this novel (in less than 4 hours) but I just couldn't stop reading it until I found out how things would end for Frank and Rand. Now that I've read it, I hope Keta Diablo will write another story with Frank and Rand so I can see their relationship develop. I so want it to. After reading my first male/male erotic romance I want to read more and look forward to reading any more male/male erotic romances by Keta Diablo. I give Crossroads 5 open books = One of the best books I've read and I recommend to everyone!

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San Diego Examiner Gives CROSSROADS Their Top Rating

This book is published by Phaze Books and is a short novel/novella. http://www.phaze.com.

Crossroads is a suspenseful, action packed thrill ride. Very rich in detail, this erotic story is not to be missed. I could not stop reading from beginning to end. It is also a m/m erotic.The story starts off with Frank McGuire who is a private detective, who has two things going for him. He communes with the dead and he is hot for his dead partner’s son, Ryan, who is struggling with his sexual identity.In between the angst is a killer on the loose targeting Goth girls.This short story has a lot going on, yet you don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount characters paraded out. Each person has his and her place, and it just works beautifully.When Frank and Ryan get together, it is explosive, hot and Nunchakkas are involved. There is some light BDSM, but it goes with the flow. Frank takes charge and Ryan follows, even though he fights the attraction initially.

Bottom line I give this book a 5. It is well-written, rich in detail, and the sex between the men is hot enough to burn. The ending was a surprise, and tied up very well. Don’t let this one pass you by!

This book or review is not intended for people under 18 due to graphic sex and those not comfortable with man on man love.

Books reviewed by me will be rated as follows: 5- Highly recommended to buy (Very hot, well-written, deep compelling love story, and answers all of my questions, leaves me wanting more)