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Crossroads Revisited - Another Rave Review - Gay Fiction
CROSSROADS - Keta Diablo's Gay FIction Receives Top Award

Publisher: Phaze Publishing, http://www.phaze.com

Rating: You Gotta Read – Our Top Award!
You Gotta Read Reviews, Laura Moreno

About the Novella:
Handsome ex-cop Frank McGuire is on a quest to locate his dead partner's missing son. Rand Brennan has an identity issue, exacerbated since the death of his father. Hoping to find himself, Rand drops out of college, takes to the streets, and doesn't realize he's embroiled in duplicity and murder. In order to save Rand, Frank must confront the nefarious killers and... confront his long-suppressed feelings for Rand.

The fact that Frank was Rand's father's partner is definitely not an impediment to their relationship. The hot, steamy sex experienced by these two men is off the charts. When hot, animalistic attraction takes over and compels their bodies to explore territory previously forbidden, nothing can stop it.

Ms. Diablo carefully orchestrates the scenes to include just the right amount of fear, stimulation and eroticism. The reader is instantly driven to not only see where the characters end up but also to find out the identity of the Black Rail Killer. The reveal is not what you think and that makes it so much more enticing.

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Crossroads Revisited by Keta Diablo
Publisher: Phaze Publishing, http://www.phaze.com

Rating: You Need To Read, Reviewer: Laura Moreno

About the Novella:
Frank McGuire is beginning to think the City has become a melting pot for serial killers. Another maniac is stalking the streets, only this time the deviant isn't tracking Goth girls, but gay college students. Rumors surface that put Frank's life in jeopardy, and somehow he must protect Rand from the carnage about to unfold. What he didn't count on was Rand becoming the killer's next victim.

This book highlights Rand’s attempt to deny his sexuality and Frank’s quest to help him cross the line willingly.

The dialogue and the set up for the scenes are phenomenal. Great thought has got to be put into whose limbs go where and how certain positions are accomplished. I find Ms. Diablo to be flawless in that regard.

The mystery portion of the story seems to be the back story, but I think the reader can decide what the main story line is and what the minor story line is. Bringing in a character that is integral to Rand and Frank’s past is fantastic. It allows for more emotion than instinct when it comes to unraveling the killer. Crossroads Revisited is a great read and definitely worth not only buying but reading over and over again.

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