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The Difference
Staplegun Logic: More Inhuman Resources, by K.K. (Black Bedsheet Books)

Red Room has asked for a blog "Why you're Different."

It interesting, because I for one feel that we're fundamentally the SAME; with virtually the exact same chemical makeup. Knowing this at some unconscious level, it seems we strive to make ourselves as different as possible, while simultaneously trying to 'fit in' somewhere with the like-minded...joining this or that clique, creed or political party; endorsing this or that sports team. In this manner we get something to belong to (Catholicism, for one example) and something to avoid, dislike or at least be different from (Islam, for another example). After death, once released from our physical bodies, we'll be reabsorbed into the Universal Field as raw, sentient thought, and I'll bet one of those thoughts will be what all the fuss was about.

But I digress. Okay. Difference.

Mine's being Polyamorous, the idea of loving more than one person. It's blessedly wonderful as an ideal, yet in practice it's like trying to kick water uphill. I'm not changing, I'm not cheating, I'm not compromising for anyone, even though it means about 88% of women will turn me down. 

I've had one rather successful polyamorous relationship, where I and another man were able to be intimate with the same woman, even having Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner together rather well, whereas most other men would probably reach for guns at the thought of "their" woman with someone else. Later, however, the lady in question opted out of the lifestyle, saying she was going to try monogamy.

Later, even with the up-front admission to being polyamorous, women would often say they "understood" and "were fine with it", then changing their minds. "Vive La Difference", it's their perfect right, next please.

I'm not in 'the lifestyle' to "swing", per se, although I probably wouldn't turn it down out of hand. I'm in it for the honesty. Woman A likes horror films but hates stand-up comedy. Woman B likes stand-up comedy but hates horror movies. If I like both, there's little logic in having to 'choose' between Woman A and Woman B, when we all share one common interest.

Yet right now, in the culture at large, the enormously popular "Twilight" Saga is asking the public to "choose" between two suitors (a vampire and a werewolf) of a fictional female character. 

WHAT IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO? Why is the character obliged to "choose"? I thought "Spend three days with one guy, three days with the other, take a day off for yourself".

But as a culture, since lying and cheating are so widespread, it's almost expected (watch the show "Cheaters", if you can stand it, or almost any talk show), while polyamory is considered a lunatic fringe, albeit an honest one.

While relationships might be few and far between, at least I know I won't be lying or cheating.

That's the difference.

Back to you in the studio, and peace out...KK