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1950, The Hickeys are happy and expecting their first. Then the past calls Tom into a scrap with the L.A. and Nevada mob.

A long time ago, Viking Press published my novel Midheaven. But the editor who bought it gave up the business, and even when it became a finalist for the Ernest Hemingway Award for best first novel, no paperback edition came out.

Last year, just for the heck of it, I read it over and, discovering the years had made me a far better writer, I revised and sent it to a couple publishers. The response didn’t surprise me.

The mainstream publisher didn’t approve of the Christian content. The Christian publisher suspected the drug and sex stuff wouldn’t go over too well with his audience.

That’s okay. I don’t like most the books from either of those publishers anyway. So, for now, since no copies of this revised version are available on paper, I’ll give it away a chunk at a time.

In case the link didn't work, it's http://www.kenkuhlken.net/midheavenfree.html