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The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles, book one (chronologically) of the Tom Hickey California Century series, came out on May 1. Set in 1926 (guess where), it features a lynching, dubious law enforcement and other sorts of misbehavior; and bigshots such as W.R. Hearst and Sister Aimee Semple McPherson....
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THE SCOOP, Ken Kuhlken’s newsletter The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles is due out in two months. If you’d like a free copy, shoot me an email with an idea for an interesting contest I can run. Any idea I use, the submitter deserves a free book, don’t you think?  Too busy to read: Get the Blackstone...
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A long time ago, Viking Press published my novel Midheaven. But the editor who bought it gave up the business, and even when it became a finalist for the Ernest Hemingway Award for best first novel, no paperback edition came out. Last year, just for the heck of it, I read it over and, discovering...
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The past month or so, at writingandthespirit.blogspot.com, I've been offering thoughts about what it takes to become a bestselling author, giving some informal case studies, drawing a few conclusions, and overall pondering some different attitudes about why we write and what we aim to accomplish. ...
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Here's a rather long quote from Josephine Tey (the speaker is Grant in The Singing Sands) "It's a harmless sort of weakness," Tad said, with a tolerant lift of a shoulder."That is just where you are wrong. It is the utterly destructive quality. When you say vanity, you are thinking...
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I recently completed the sixth novel in the Tom Hickey California Century series. This one, The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles, takes place in 1926, a year I chose simply because Tom Hickey was born in 1905 and I wanted this to be his coming of age novel. I had no idea how much the time and place...
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I'm not somebody who washes his car every week. Although I often admire shiny cars, making mine shine has never seemed to rate a high priority, unless I'm going to sell the thing. But a month or so back, when I stopped into Pep Boys looking for a roof rack, since Zoe and I were about to leave on a...
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I'm a fan of Kinky Friedman, who is making his second bid to become governor of Texas in 2010, and who writes and performs such country classics as "They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore."Specifically, I'm a fan of Kinky's songs, not such a fan of his novels. That's not to negate the...
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