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Dark Celebration of a City Notorious for Sexual Liberation
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Curve Magazine

"The founder and editor of SoMa Literary Review, Kemble Scott channeled his fascination with San Francisco's South of Market district — an industrial dead land populated by sexual fetish havens — into an extended, cohesive piece of fiction. Scott doesn't deliver a conventional novel so much as a study in kink, foregoing highly nuanced psychology to pack plot in the tradition of noir or comic book writers. Three 20-somethings become entangled in bondage clubs, dangerous sex games, anonymous drug-addled orgies and even the occasional stab at commitment, without much thought as to why. Those who like the depravity of Dennis Cooper's work or the disillusion of Bret Easton Ellis' will enjoy this dark celebration of a city notorious for sexual liberation. The whole problem with freedom, though, is that people rarely know what to do with it."