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SoMa, the book, shows South of Market layers built on one another over time
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SoMa by Kemble Scott is a compelling look under the sheets of the South of Market district.

I picked up the book simply because of the title.

Buying a novel entitled SoMa, in a cool South of Market independent bookstore, had a certainly symmetry to it.

Within the pages were one side of a the hologram that is SoMa, a surprising, uninhibited and, according to my friends that lived in similar circles, an all-too-true portrait of the district's gay scene. As the book's author Kemble Scott describes it, "It's a bit stranger than fiction."

Scott has become a leading scribe in documenting SoMa's diversity. He's also a trend-setting writer whose second book will be released by the cutting edge world of technological book sales. A San Francisco-based company called Scribd is releasing Scott's second book, The Sower online for just $2. Scott said the modern technology allows him to be current -- the book has references to Susan Boyle for example -- and potentially make more money.

Scribd will give him a return of $1.60 per book. His contract on publishing SoMa via traditional means paid him only $1.13 of its $15 cover price, an article in the BayNewser stated.

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