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The Story Behind My New Novel
Kemble Scott
The Sower

The Da Vinci Code
meets Sex and The City
in this darkly comic thriller
about an STD people are dying to get


My new novel The Sower is a morality tale, completely flipped on its head.

It’s about a guy who becomes the sole carrier of a manmade supervirus that appears to cure all diseases. But the only way to pass the cure to others is through…sex.

Think of the implications. Now consider all the different forces in the world that would be against such a thing. Needless to say, the chase is on to stop the man, the sower, from spreading his seed.


Sure. But it’s not all that far from reality. For the past eight years, it’s been the policy of the government of the United States, and many different religious groups, to stop life-saving HIV prevention treatments from being delivered to the hardest hit parts of AIDS ravaged Africa. The Bush administration, The Roman Catholic Church, and pastor Rick Warren have  worked to prevent safer sex information and condoms from getting to stricken communities.

Their message: we would rather you contract a horrific disease than have sex. 

Their attitude: our notion of morality is more important than human lives.

So to tell the story of The Sower, I needed to start with a character most people would surely consider morally bankrupt. Bill Soileau is a first class hedonist in San Francisco, taking more partners in an average day than many have in a lifetime. He’s handsome and charming, but he’s also careless – in a way that puts lives at risk. And that’s just in the first chapter! 

Before the story is done, Bill will have to face all those self-proclaimed “moral authorities.”

If all of this sounds a bit preachy, well, it ain’t. I wrote The Sower in the format of page-turning thriller. That’s the trick. It has the pace and excitement of something like The Da Vinci Code, but this isn’t your father’s genre fiction. One author just called the novel “subversive.” Right on. 

It’s also timely. Recently the new pope said he wouldn’t change the church’s anti-condoms and safer sex stance, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of deadly consequences.

So in order to get The Sower out to the world as quickly as possible, and challenge this moral hypocrisy, I’m releasing the first edition exclusively as an e-book on Scribd.com. If you haven’t heard of Scribd, then you’re in for a treat. It’s a new way for readers to experience digital books. You don’t need a special, expensive gadget. It works on any computer or mobile device. 

As a way to get readers to try something new, this first edition of The Sower is priced at just $2.

If you get a kick out of the book and can relate to its message of twisted morality, tell two friends. Get them to tell two friends. Pretty soon, who knows, maybe you too can be the sower.