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I've been Googled! My visit to Authors@Google

I just spoke at Google's world headquarters in Silicon Valley as part of the company's Authors@Google program. It was great fun to visit the famous campus... and they videotaped my appearance! And, yes, I really did ad lib something about high colonics. Note to self: stick to the script.

Click here to see the video.

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Congratulations!  Wow, so few remembered the dot com collapse?!  So your audience are babies.  It was just yesterday for me.  And you'd think they would laugh about SoMa being largely known for a street drug sold by Asians.  Hmm.

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Great video

Hi Scott,

It is great to see you on the site and hear you speak with just a couple of clicks! I was here for the dot com climb and crash and I was still surprised and amused by the stories you shared during your talk. Martin has your book and I look forward to reading it! I am forwarding your link to him as well.

Margarita Duggan