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Seven Souls A Leaping

Three tales of terror and determination, three tales that will encounter evil and struggle for salvation.
Heard it all before?  But you haven't read this one.


I'm writing it along with Sapphire Blue Publishing bestselling authors Lisa Pietsch and Heather Long.  I've never written a joint book with other authors before and I'm really enjoying the teamwork of it and the wider spectrum of accessing other people's imaginations to concoct the tale.  Each of our stories is separate, but they are intertwined around a single theme and overlapping characters.

My story is called Star Light, Blood Bright. Samantha MacDougal can read auras. She's lived her life by seeing the colors that surround people and, frankly, it's exhausting. But when one man's evil begins to consume innocent Bostonians, turning their auras into a black abyss, Sam may be the only person who can stop the evil. Alone in her ability, Sam soon learns that she is not the lone sentinel against the encroaching blackness. Detective Ike Starr provides the beacon that Sam needs. Together, they must track and extinguish the malevolent charcoal sparks of serial killer Jeffrey Wiles' energy. 

Coming in time for your holiday stalking...