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The Fourth of July holiday that celebrates our country’s independence and fight for freedom has for me become one that has been long-steeped in family tradition.  I can remember seeing my first large-scale fireworks display at the age of four warmly wrapped in a blanket at Shadle Park, the “...
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I can hear Billy Joel crooning in the back ground.  Something about not wanting to waste more time and being out of touch with the rhythm and blues, and then he lists all the things that he misses about the Big Apple.  It reminded me that even though this has been a week of...
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I looked into your eyes and you held my gaze. I breathed as you breathed. Inseparable, I caressed your head Carefully nuzzled on my chest, Sated and satisfied. I was your everything, your confidante.   I gave, I listened, I taught. You grew, strong and brave, Found your voice, took a step Bold...
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Last week, as I was walking in a park in Beijing, I had an episode.  The first thing that came to mind is that I was having a heart attack.  Every muscle in my body from sternum to neck became a steely band as I gasped to take a deep cleansing breath as my yogi master would instruct me....
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Breaking bread is a social custom in any culture.  For our last night in Beijing, we joined our colleagues from the Metropolitan Opera and Washington National Opera for dinner in a traditional hutong courtyard.  I always love that there is one person in the group that will research a...
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For my last day in Beijing, I was committed to break out of the pull of isolation and channel my inner extrovert.  As my eyes flew open at 4am in the morning, it looked like I would have plenty of time to do it.  I was hopeful that perhaps the winds had kicked up and the pollution that...
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I think I’m my own worse advisor.  I would tell any friend to wear sensible shoes when traveling, because you want to enjoy your adventure and not administer first-aid to battered feet.  I would share my secrets on how to juggle jetlag and encourage anyone in a new place to make new...
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Mention “Dragon Lady” in Western culture and an image of a conniving, powerful, yet unpleasant woman comes to mind.  Being in Beijing, you can’t go more than a block or two without seeing a dragon as an icon somewhere.  They are everywhere:  on top of buildings, protecting from evil...
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In some ways China is my kind of place. Symbols are everywhere, written, physical and unspoken.  Most of what I’m experiencing, I’m clueless to its true meaning. I look at the Chinese Characters, Buddhist and Dynasty temples, language, culture and I’m pretty sure I’m not grasping the deep...
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I’m happy to say that I survived dance recital weekend.  Any mother of a dancer can attest that the build up to a dance recital is akin to the NBA championships, the World Series, and the Super Bowl all in one tulle-filled experience.  The tension is palpable as this is the one and only...
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Call me a sentimentalist, a romantic, or just another weary person looking for a sign, but when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, or days to remember I’m the last one to throw in the towel and pretend it is just another day in a long string of days that are inconsequential and quite frankly...
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With all the coverage this week of the Senate’s failure to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, the ugly double standard starts to emerge despite the political gamesmanship that tends to take center stage.  But this is not an issue of Republicans versus Democrats, or good policy or bad policy....
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For the final day of NaBloPoMo with the theme of "play" I wrote a poem using all the idioms I had planned to use for playful inspiration.  I hear you ask a simple question, Can you come out and play?What would you like me to do, I ask --Play the fool, play dead, or play for keeps?It’s not...
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When I was a kid, I would have horrific nightmares.  Not horrific in that they included blood and gore, but horrific in I was always running for my life.  I would dream that I was being pursued and I knew if I was caught or discovered it would be lethal.  I would find myself on the...
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With three days left to go on the blog every day for the month of May challenge, I have to admit I’m looking forward to the finish line and a break.  This was probably not the best month to attempt what might seem like a simple task, but it is harder than it looks. The difficulty was...
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