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Cake making
I can’t remember when it started. Maybe it was when my daughter turned seven, and I announced that I was going to make her birthday cake “from scratch.”  I said it in such a way that the room hushed and I was met with stares of disbelief.  My daughter was skeptical that anything good could come...
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Anne with an "e"
Sometimes you just have to relive the past. Tonight I took my daughter and one of my closest friends to the opening night of a locally commissioned and produced musical based on the “Anne of Green Gables” books by Lucy Montgomery.  In moments we were transported back to Avonlea on Prince Edward...
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Warhol Shoe
Let’s face it. A woman can’t have too many pairs of shoes.  Flats. Wedges. Sneakers. Stilettos. Platforms. Mules. Slides. Sandals. Boots. Pumps.Slip-ons. Loafers. Clogs. Espadrilles. Loafers. Galoshes. Mary Janes. Skimmers. Moccasins. Oxfords. Mukluks. Slingbacks. Slippers.  The right pair of shoes...
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around asked avoid bag believe better blog box buckets car case change contessa cover crazy dance dark daughter days di don emotional event experience eyes face feel friend give goal green hear heart hit home hour island keep knew learned leave life light line live lost love lunch mad man marathon...
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And proud of it
We all live vicariously through our children, our idols, and yes, our music.  Last month, as Seattle Opera put on the stage an incredible production of Lucia di Lammermoor, famous for its mad scene, I posted a few clips of other songs that took their inspiration from the crazy side of life.  I also...
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Personal Anthem
Sometimes you meet couples who have what they call “their song,” a song that has some type of emotional connection to their relationship.  Every country has its anthem, adopted through strife, uprising, or a populist process.  Television shows spends tens of thousands of dollars on creating or...
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Black & White Contrast
In my line of work, I go to over 100 events a year.  Cocktail parties, performances, fundraisers, galas; you name it I’ve probably done it.  My wardrobe consists of every type of formal, semi-formal, and casual-dressy wear that I refer to as my “uniform.”  I come in contact with the newly wealthy,...
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Seattle Green Day.jpg
You would think that living in the Pacific Northwest would immune one to the sound of rain glancing off the window panes or streaming down the gutters.  Yet, in the wee hours of the morning I lay awake listening to the rain pelt the bedroom window and tried to convince myself that would mean that...
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My five year diary
Last month in an effort to de-clutter and simplify my life, I began to go through boxes that were packed by movers from two separate cross-country relocations.  I know they say that if you haven’t opened a box in a period of a couple years, you should just throw it out.  If you haven’t used it, you...
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 These days I'm often asked why I run.  The answer is complicated, but basically it's because I can.  It's a new found talent that I discovered quite by accident. I still consider myself a beginner even though I have completed two marathons, three half marathons (and training for my fourth),...
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Arizona Bark Scorpion
The truth is, I never believed in astrology or horoscopes.  They artfully divine information that is universal to any human being and craftily make you believe that they unveil your inner secrets and hold the key to your inner self.  Everyone has a sun that rises and sets and the last time I...
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When I worked for The Cleveland Orchestra, and we were trying to combat the exhaustion of being on tour, we would play the quiz “If you were banished to a deserted island, what music would you take with you?”  String players were shocked that I would leave Brahms behind giving priority to Bartόk...
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The New Thirty
I was challenged today by two reminders.  First, today is the first day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) where you commit to post to your blog once a day, yes once a day, every day in November.  No make-up days, no double posts to make up for skipped days; in other words, no extra credit...
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Summer 2010 023.jpg
Winning is a on again and off again thing.  This past year, I challenged myself to live outside of my comfort zone as I counted down to my fiftieth birthday.  As a high school friend so aptly described me, I’m a driven introvert.  Meeting a self-imposed deadline? No problem.  But putting myself out...
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  On days when I feel like I can’t breatheI imagine myself a poetpulling words, one by one,from the thick toxic airarranging each stanzawith the kind of alchemythat brings illusion,and promises a panacea.   On nights when I search for an elixirI imagine myself a sommelierpairing life’s...
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