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“For those of you old enough to remember, this is just like the show Queen for a Day.” That will be the quote that I will remember from the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2011 Women of Influence award dinner.  For those of you not old enough to know what Queen for a Day refers to, let me...
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Written in honor of the Puget Sound Business Journal's 2011 Women of Influence Awards. Two X chromosomesblaze brilliantly before metransforming the world.  
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When you are training for a goal, it is great to have a hero, an icon.  When I was training for the Seattle to Portland 200 mile bike ride, Lance Armstrong was the man.  I could imagine that I was riding a leg of the Tour de’ France.  When I was training for a triathlon and focused...
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They say that one of the top fears of adults is public speaking.  I wonder if that will continue to be the case as we have generations of young adults that are right at home having a public conversation on their cell phone, posting intimate details on various public social media sites, and...
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I hate to admit it, but I’m no better than Pavlov’s dog.  Not that I drool whenever I hear a bell ring, but sometimes it seems like my well-being is subject to a mysterious long conditioned feedback loop.  It seems no matter how many wonderful things I tell myself, the simplest input...
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As we near the halfway point of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month), I thought I would look back and track both the readership and popularity of my blog posts.  It’s not like I have a following to rival an Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, or even an average teenager on Facebook, but the last few...
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Today I decided to do something different.  I had the day off in order to plan and chaperone my daughter's sixteenth birthday party that would begin in late afternoon and go late into the evening.  If I was going to get my workout in, I'd have to do it early.  I decided to go to a...
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I’m an executive and I work for a non-profit organization.  When it comes to strategic planning and budget forecasting, the buck stops with me.  It is up to the board of trustees to make the final fiduciary decision whether appropriate risk tolerances have been considered and whether we...
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I was dreading walking into the darkness now that standard time is upon us and the days are getting shorter as we countdown to winter.  I was stunned when I walked into the dusk of the evening and was hit by the brilliant beauty of the full moon as it blazed from behind a veil of misty clouds...
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I don’t know how mothers of more than one child do it.  Every time my daughter comes down with something, I also begin to show symptoms.  If she has a sore throat, my throat feels scratchy.  When her head is hot, I have no need for a sweater.  When her first grade class sent...
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I lay in bed this morning remembering how it used to be.  From the time my daughter could walk or crawl out of her crib, she was an early riser.  I could hear the patter of her footed pajamas as she approached my side of the bed, usually with a book in hand.  We would snuggle...
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Today I had a full schedule. I had guests arriving to stay in our rental condo and since my daughter was at a weekend choir retreat, I got the honors to be the chamber maid.  Somewhere between cleaning, fluffing, and vacuuming I also needed to sneak in a 40 minute tempo run.  A tempo run...
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“There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud” – Carl Sandburg Everywhere I turn it seems that I hear about how bad the economy is: which European country is going to default next, what politician has committed which carnal sin, and...
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Plyometrics – explosive muscle training requiring rapid muscle stretching and contracting in order to build strength and endurance.  Hopping and leaping over obstacles or clapping in-between push-ups are common examples of plyometric training. I wondered if she knew she was advising a fifty-...
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My blog post yesterday musing on who would carry my water must have tempted fate or angered the water gods. But more on that later.  When people ask me how I train for the Boston Marathon, I usually quip “I just do what Hal tells me to do.”  Now if you are a non-runner, you may think I...
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