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I am a dandelion stalk,
barren and still
stripped of its many wishes.

I let go of each wish,
one by one
releasing my hold on its fantasy.

“Letting go is not
the same as giving up,”
I remind myself as I stand taller, empty all the same.

Wishes are no more than
downy fluff floating
in the air until they take root.

No, letting go is not the same
as giving up,
and giving up is not the same as
wishing it were so.

© Kelly Tweeddale 2012

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Dandelion Puff

Nice poem. I guess we have to let go of the wishes if they are to take root somewhere but where they land determines how well they fare. Dandelions conquer by number, it seems. So, for example, writers can send out many manuscripts wishing they will land on the editor's desk and take root so that they can be published??  Anyway, that's only one scenario and I can see how different readers can pin their hopes onto the projected canvas of this poem.

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Thanks, Kim.  Perhaps it is a

Thanks, Kim.  Perhaps it is a poem about hope, because hope only exists if you have faith that someday it will be so.  Perhaps wishes are the conduit and fertile soil is the catalyst.  Let us all find fertile soil.

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Dandy dandelions

I have always loved dandelions, so I liked this poem.  I am intrigued with the message that letting go is not the same as giving up, so I will be thinking about that today.

BTW, for two days I have resumed leg exercises after a couple of years' lapse.  As I lie there wishing I were elsewhere, I think of Kelly Tweedale getting up and running,  and I challenge myself to keep lifting my legs without giving up.  Will I make the third day in a row?

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Go Sue!

I never feel like running when I start and I'm always glad I did when I finish.  Focus on the finish line is my advice.  And just so you know, when I sit down and don't want to write I think about the dedication that you have and how you allow us to share your pastoral, yet interesting life; and I write.  Thank you for the inspiration and do an extra leg lift for me.