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I preface this piece with the knowledge that both my mother and sister follow my blog postings.  I hope what I write here provokes them to write their own version of events, whether fact or fiction, adding their own unique perspective, their own truths. Let our words find the same type of...
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For me and many other writers, the hardest thing about writing isn’t putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, it’s submitting your work and waiting for an answer.  A good percent of the time it ends in rejection.  Or even worse, you hear nothing, nil, nada.  Take it from me, no response is...
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Five weeks and counting until the Boston Marathon.  Here is my playlist developed to keep me entertained on the long road ahead.  Themes: Boston, turning fifty, feeling good and looking good.  Enjoy!  Beantown Bounce - David Borgo        I'm on My Way - The Proclaimers The Route That I Took - The...
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Run, baby, run.
It started with a New York Times article I read in 2007 titled “See Jane Run. See Her Run Faster and Faster.”  Writer Gina Kolata wrote a thought-provoking article about what happened when her son asked her if she ran just to run or did she have a purpose in mind.  As she attempted to answer that...
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Kafka - Give it Up!
If Franz Kafka was a woman the absurdities of life and the meaning he found in them would all be in another’s day work.   Rather than challenging the insanity of life and overlaying a dark and dogmatic interpretation, we women naturally thread the needle and baste the various insanities of life...
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Poetry for me has always been a 100 decibel alarm clock to the heart.  Left to my own devices, I tend to read fiction that can transport me to other places and non-fiction that stimulates parts of my brain that I have allowed to lie fallow.  I am selective and open to suggestions, yet my illicit...
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scent of mangos in the blue mountains
I was struck by a passage in Alice Munro's collection Too Much Happiness from the short story "Fiction" about how happiness and unhappiness are inexplicably linked: "It seemed as if there must be some random and of course unfair thrift in the emotional housekeeping of the world, if...
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The choices are just too stark.  It seems that you’re either young and stupid or old and jaded. I’ve reached the stage in life where I am definitely too old to pass for a kid, but damn it, I am too young to wear the label of middle age people keep trying to pin on me.  I have the fantasy that in...
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In Thanksgivings past, before the feast was consumed, the gathering of friends and family would grab hands and say one thing they were thankful for.   If you were at the beginning of the chain, sharing your thankfulness was safe, easy, and you had a chance to say what everyone else was thinking. ...
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Peace Pilgrim
This time of year usually brings to mind pictures of pumpkins, horns of plenty, and pilgrims. We are asked to be grateful, to give thanks, and to invest large amounts of time and effort to create savory foods we may only eat once a year.  There can be great comfort in the predictability of the...
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When I began thinking about running a marathon, all I could think about was finishing.  Survival and enduring 26.2 miles were my one and only concern.  As I begin my early training for the Boston Marathon, it was suggested that strength and speed work would be a good addition to the weekly...
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We all have icons in life.  Icons work as a type of shorthand commemorating momentous events, deeply felt emotions, or a state of mind such as hope or gratitude.  Some are handed down by tradition. Others evolve through transformational experiences.  And some just happen.  So when I am asked how...
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Yoga with the Yees
I recently attended a Yoga retreat and took two classes from Rodney and Colleen Yee, one focusing on balance and the other ended with a quote by Picasso on the benefit of reserves.  Well, I can read a balance sheet like the best of them, find the elegant columns that if managed well (at least for a...
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We all have felt it.  The surly teenager that doesn’t acknowledge your presence, the elderly parent that practices selective hearing, or the spouse that responds “Did you say something?” after you pour out your most closely held feelings.  Some we chalk up to stages of life.  Others we brush off to...
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Keys to My Karma
Poetry has always been a source of solace for me.  Stephen Dunn, Pablo Neruda, Billy Collins can make me laugh, feel love's seductress, soothe a wounded heart or caress despair.  So when a friend suggested that I think about participating in an open mike poetry reading, it also challenged me to put...
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