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This year my sister and I have an unspoken pact: to live more fully and spontaneously. Following years of child-rearing and career-building, we both are in desperate need of an occasional escape. So when I decided to take a much needed day off, we scheduled a sister date and decided to grab our...
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I spent captured bits and pieces of my weekend working on two poems that will eventually be part of a collection inspired by platitudes, celebrations and other escapes.  I would like to think I put the finishing touches on a poem called “Only the Brave Deserve the Fair,” a poem inspired by...
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At the beginning of the month I made a commitment to celebrate the good things, to look for the bright spots, and to dedicate myself to being me . . . and liking it.  Over lunch the other day, a friend commented on how we both were attracted to the struggle.  Her theory was that our...
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A few weeks ago I received an email from the New York Road Runners Association asking me to make a selection on receiving a refund on the cancelled 2012 New York City Marathon or opting for guaranteed entry in 2013, 2014 or 2015 (yes, you pay again).  I’ve written about how it felt to be in...
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I don’t know if I spent more time in 2012 in a state of confusion or in condemnation.  For the most part, I was hard on myself, in fact for most of the time I couldn’t even find my super hero alter ego, Invisible Girl.  Yes, she too disappeared.  Be that as it may, I am committed to...
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About a month ago I attended a writer’s salon for women writers hosted by Hedgebrook on Whidbey Island, WA.  As part of the closing session we could volunteer to read some of our work surrounded by good food, good drink and supportive women writers.  I chose to read a poem entitled Always...
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As I grab a moment to myself on this New Year’s Eve (not hard to do these days), I broke my vow to not reflect back on 2012.  In 2009, when I couldn’t wait to bid that year goodbye and usher in 2010, I wrote a “Dear John” letter and it was amazingly therapeutic.  2010 ended up...
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Many volumes of ink will be spent writing about the tragedy in Connecticut and if you are a writer, it is hard to put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard without the emotions of Sandy Hook Elementary coming to the forefront.  Some will write about gun control, others about mental illness,...
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On Saturday, I attended an all-day writing salon hosted by Hedgebrook, a writing organization dedicated to fostering the talent and work of women writers.  Hedgebrook is located on Whidbey Island, WA, with 46 acres of pastoral beauty.  They host residencies for women writers in cottages...
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Yesterday I ran a marathon.  It wasn’t the 2012 NYC Marathon, but I wore my shirt anyway.  They cancelled that marathon and I haven’t heard from the race organizers ever since that fateful weekend.  I guess they are too busy with damage control to communicate with the non-elite...
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It took all her strength to lift the bow with her left hand.  It was light, engineered to be both fleet and easily maneuverable for someone her size.  The smooth grain of the bow was warm and comforting in her hand and felt like a natural extension of her arm.  She ran her hand down...
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NPR's 3-Minute Fiction Contest, Round 9, had one rule: it had to include a U.S. President real or fictional.  It was a great diversion to read these posts amid the latest election.  Each story had to be no more than 600 words (a three-minute read over the radio) which is a challenge in...
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Despite the disappointment of the 2012 New York City Marathon being cancelled, I was fortunate to have a support team that pulled me through a situation that none of us had trained for.  When I made my travel arrangements to come to New York, I knew I did not want to run it without a backup...
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After the reality of hearing that the 2012 NYC Marathon had been cancelled set in, I was eager to do something that would end the banal finger pointing and do something more than support the city through the expenditure of tourist dollars.  My stomach turned when NYC Marathon organizers...
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I was scheduled to run the 2012 NYC Marathon which was cancelled in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Here is my first post on my thoughts after spending six days in the city that started with the first flights into Newark Liberty airport and ended on election night watching the returns via...
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