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Confidential Lament

I looked into your eyes and you held my gaze.

I breathed as you breathed.

Inseparable, I caressed your head

Carefully nuzzled on my chest,

Sated and satisfied.

I was your everything, your confidante.


I gave, I listened, I taught.

You grew, strong and brave,

Found your voice, took a step

Bold in knowing I would catch you

If you faltered.

I promised to be your safety net, your confidante.


You had no editor

For laughter, for fear, for the possibilities.

The growing space between us

Would stretch me to my limit as you found yourself,

Created your own secrets and rites of passage,

Turning your back on unconditional love

Distancing yourself from your original confidante.


You smile at me from a photo

A witty comment, an anonymous cyber post

I follow your metamorphosis

Through the tidbits you choose to share with me

Sated now by those rare times when by choice it is just the two of us

And you need me, even though I am no longer your confidante.


© Kelly Tweeddale 2012



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Kelly, Your words today were


Your words today were bittersweet for me. Today is my oldest son's birthday, and I was thinking how far away he has traveled from me, in both mind and body. It's inevitable I suppose, but it's still bittersweet.


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Growing up

My daughter is touring in Europe with her treble choir, a great experience for her and the longest she has been away without a parent trailing along or meeting up along the way.  She is having a great experience, but it does remind you of the necessary pulling away that is all about growing up.