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Bellevue, WA
Apr 2009

Kelly Hargrave Tweeddale was born on April 12, 1960, exactly 100 years after the beginning of the Civil War. It is no wonder that her mother scrawled next to her name in her baby book "warrior" and she has lived up to the name by surviving many a battle and winning many a heart. She has a fascinating career that has taken her to concert halls of the world, put her at the nexus of opera and drama, and given her the reputation of relishing the "messy" stage of any transition. She has been rumored to have run a marathon, flown like Peter Pan, and communed with the technogeeks. Words are her sanctuary, her sanity, her sustenance.

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Pushing the envelope on what this one human can do: laughing, running, triathloning (is that a real word?), swimming, knitting, championing the arts, doing yoga/pilates, reading, and writing.