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Dec.01.2013 - 10:28 pm
Invisible Ink.jpg
“The writer who maintains that he works without regard for the opinion of others is either a jackass or a pathological liar.” – Theodore Roethke For the last six months I’ve...
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Aug.14.2013 - 12:43 am
I’m here to say that Invisible Girl has never been in better form.  She has confirmed that “out of sight, out of mind” is a true phenomenon that may lead to the coining of a...
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May.17.2013 - 10:15 pm
I've written about training for a marathon and no matter how I try, I struggle at pacing myself.  My body is geared to want to reach for the finish line.  Lately, I've...
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May.10.2013 - 8:37 am
dandelion weed.jpg
Yesterday, I had a Laura Nyro lyric stuck in my head.   “I am a poet without a poem.” – From To a Child Today, I inadvertently stumbled upon a breathtaking piece of history....
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Comments from Kelly

Dec.02.2013 - 2:02 pm
In response to: Invisible Ink
Yes, I think adjusting is the story of my life these days.  Belated happy birthday and I hope you have a moment to...
Aug.14.2013 - 7:05 pm
In response to: Musings from Invisible Girl
Thanks Annette.  We've all done it, but it seems to be more prevalent, maybe it is an age thing . . . the older we...
Jul.07.2013 - 4:53 pm
In response to: Summer's Hottest Trends: Fashion Deja Vu
I loved this post as I recently donned my "mother's day" present which were platform heels from my teenage daughter to...
May.31.2013 - 8:31 am
In response to: May Time Festivities
As my daughter gets nearer to leaving the nest, it is always nice to be reminded that they can always come home again...
May.19.2013 - 11:14 am
In response to: New Year's Resolution Revisited
Thank you, Amy. I've continued to dabble in this arena and at times the online content options make you feel like a...