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Dr. Laura McCullough
Apr 2008

Kelly McCullough's novels include the WebMage series, WebMage, Cybermancy, CodeSpell, MythOS, and SpellCrash, and the forthcoming Chronicles of Aral Kingslayer, beginning with Broken Blade in 2011. His short fiction has appeared in numerous venues including Writers of the Future, Weird Tales, TOTU and his illustrated collection, The Chronicles of the Wandering Star—part of an NSF-funded middle-school science curriculum. He's also the co-editor and co-writer of Hanny and the Mystery of the Voorwerp, a NASA-funded science comic.


Roger Zelazney, Tim Powers, Tolkien, Asimov, Norton, McCaffrey, Lackey, Rice, H. Beam Piper.

Upcoming Works

Broken Blade, Bared Blade, Crossed Blades


Jack Byrne

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Writing, reading, gaming, hiking, biking, gardening, travel.