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So, I couldn’t sleep tonight.  I tried laying in bed, but i guess my body being up over 48 hours wants to stay up 72 hours.  I don’t know why.  My boyfriend just is like, “what is wrong with you girl?”  He sounds kinda disappointed or something, I know it’s cuz he wanted me to go to bed with him, and I totally told him I was going to sleep and I was tired.  Well we lied together in each other’s arms and ended up XXX, and it woke me up even more wide eyed.  I couldn’t sleep, I was wired.  Even after no sleeping for over 48 hours.  I hope I don’t crash hella hard.  It happens to me all the time when this happens, and when the night to party is coming up too, shit.  Well, we’ll see what’s on the list for today.  Maybe if someone can please scrape me off this fucking computer, than I can become more human, and know what living is like, but i don’t know how to live a proper life, one of though’s lives where you go to bed at some measured bed time, in pajamas, after you brushed your teeth and watched your favorite television show that you tivo’d day’s earlier, and wake up to an alarm clock to a brewed pot of coffee you had on timer.  I am nothing like an ordinary human, so I’ve sighted.  Iv’e seen a lot of movies, television, had a lot of friends, known a lot of people, who have had this type of regiment.  And I know it is an American culture.  I really have nothing, except all the time in the world to not sleep and then sleep when I crash for hour’s on end.  Now everybody thinks they are normal. I think I am normal.  But you know what.  I’m not.  I have plenty of instances and numerous conversations with my boyfriend, on really trying to get it through his head, that I am okay that I am not like everybody else, um, like, he just knows that I am a true weirdo.  When I say that I have to get it through his head, I mean, I am just even too weird for him, and he’s weird.  But we all say we are normal, and then, we’re actually all weird.  I guess the norms don’t think about it, but the weirdo’s always are the one’s who say, “I’m normal, everybody else is just fucked up.”