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Poetically Woven
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Kasha LJ
1 of 2 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars Poetically Woven!, June 27, 2007 By  kasha "LJ" (PA) - See all my reviews

Ending Packs A Wallop! This book speaks the unexpected, in poetic form. Meticulously full of deliberation, extensive, yet firmly constructed...the unknown is what keeps this book going, showboating mystery, illusion, alarm, surprisingly sensual, along with splashes of paranormal, while intimately painting the charm of Doylestown, PA. The first murder takes place at Fonthill Castle, which is, most assuredly real & definitely a castle. It was built by Mr. Henry Mercer in 1908. I can visualize a movie, the eerie old castle, the death-driven murder, cleverly slipping in & out each room of Fonthill. Slithering from the tour, without being seen, into a dusk ridden sky. Then, as fate would have it, he lurks, hidden in the trees behind the parking lot, waiting scrupulously to taste the blood of his first victim of this life. Man...if the right producer caught hold of this, using accurate lighting, gaining the quaintness of Doylestown, the movie would be like an anomaly in the rouse of suburbia. A challenge, even for Ron Howard! The psychology of this book is part of Kelly's polished technique, revisiting scenes of each life...each crime. It is... not only interesting, but what lies withering beneath the killer's madness, comes alive in your room. So, get comfortable, prop your feet up, with a nice glass of sherry, but...don't forget...to turn on the lights.

Dead On is Poetically Woven and Ending Packs a Wallop!