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DEAD ON is a must read
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Kasha LJ
2 of 4 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars "DEAD ON" is A Must Read!, August 8, 2006 By  kasha "LJ" (PA) - See all my reviews This review is from: Dead On (Hardcover)

"Dead On", is an unsullied novel by a new, fresh and spirited, upcoming author who is not afraid to color outside the lines. She articulates so much with so few words, but rolls a story off so effectively, the reader cannot put the book down?

Alida66, what could you be thinking? After a review of a book on sewing ("Oh there's a professional critique"?) Did, perhaps the book insult you in some way? I suggest you stick to sewing critiques...and I'm terribly sorry you missed the entire premise of "DEAD ON"

"Dead On" is not only physically powerful but effectively accomplished & to the point. You cannot stop reading. 196 pages is "not" a large book, (I read it in two days) and the chapters are certainly far from long, but electrifying.

You find yourself emotionally charged, trying to figure out the plot...which adds to the expertise of the writer's ability to pull the reader into a memorizing & poetic playground of the demented killer.

The author's intellectual awareness & integration of personality theories, pulse an emotional & spiritual read, to say the least!

I could identify with the main character and her gained strengths from the vulnerability of her present life's misfortune...I was intrigued by the meat of the story, which takes place a lifetime before, and the ending, hit me like a big fat wallop, never saw it coming! BRAVO!!!

The author's attention to detail froze my eyes to the pages, and found myself silently shaking my head (boy, did she do her homework) this was indeed a powerfully convincing story...for those of you who enjoy murder mysteries, with a touch of the paranormal...this is an engrossing journey that would make any Hollywood producer the hit of tinsel town...if they were able to reproduce the anticipation, the thrill and the surprises that lurk the pages along the way, leaving nothing out.

So, when's the author's next book coming out!

Dead On is a must read!