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Recently I watched what seemed like an alpha-contest between two or three women in one of the institutions I volunteer with. As a voting member on the team I involved in decisions, meetings, and lengthy discussions around courses of action: calls for policy decisions that seemed necessary to...
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Last night I told my husband I was so hurt about something I simply didn't want to discuss it anymore. Somehow our roles had become reversed: he wanted to talk, talk, talk it out, and I didn't. This wasn't because I didn't have the verbiage to offer. In fact I felt like we'd discussed the subject...
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Soccer legs!
I homeschool my kids - or rather, I just started to this year (my oldest is in first grade).  There are probably more ways to homeschool than most people imagine, and I won't go into detail here; roughly, in our case, we fit our coursework around the more scheduled world of sport programs and...
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Last Fall, before the Xtracycle
 Even with the supposed "gas crisis" and people bemoaning their personal difficulties in the pseudo-depression - and with mounting concerns over climate change / global warming (choose your phrase depending how head-up-your-arse you are about this reality), I seem to have generated...
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It's true:  I've lost my balls.  I hardly know what my current blog statistics are (my husband used to follow this for me and gleefully report it), but for a couple years my readership crept up, and up, and up.  It was easy to write and I did it almost daily.  I wrote about my own life with no...
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