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The dreaded month of novel writing!

I wandered over here from the NaNo site and thought it couldn't hurt to add another place for accountability.  I figure if I get myself committed in enough places and to enough people, I might actually finish NaNo this year, instead of failing miserably like I did last year.

 It's going remarkably well so far.  I'm at a little over 18K words as of Nov. 12.  If I can hit 25K by the 15th I'll be happy.  Unfortunately, my novel is right at the halfway mark according to the chapter outline and calendar of events.  Here's hoping for longer chapters as the story progresses.

 The story, by the way, is about a teenage girl who gets pregnant her senior year (no, her name is not Juno).  The hook is the way the story is told - through snippets of her life.  Emails, phone calls, voice mail, answering machines, school forms, doctor's visits, poetry, notes, letters.  The closest thing to traditional prose is the occasional diary entry.  The way the story is told is alluded to in the titel, Remnants.  The title also refers to the quit the girl is working on throughout the story.

 It's a little odd to be working on this for NaNo.  The way I understood it, NaNo is supposed to be a kind of writing free-for-all that allows the writer to just spew whatever words pop in their head.  Remnants is an odd choice for me because a lot of the story is autobiographical.  It's a strange feeling to throw caution to the wind with a story so close to my heart.  But liberating at the same time.  Maybe it hasn't let me write it up till now because I was too close to it.  I couldn't give myself permission to just get it all out on paper without concern for getting it just right.


I don't know.  Whatever the reasons, it's happening now.  And I'm just along for the ride.