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After moving to the high desert city of Albuquerque, I learned that writers who live here tend to set their novels here. It's easy to see why. It's a beautiful area with an interesting blend of people and cultures, and the environment and residents and history all work together to make Albuquerque...
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My Horror with Heart Newsletter, Halloween Edition went out today, the same day that my paranormal thriller Dark Knowledge was published. The newsletter doesn't paste well into a blog, but here's a sample from it, including the expertly alterted image of me as an (almost) ageless vampire.   A...
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I've caught the Halloween spirit. Can you tell? Many thanks to Cullan Hudson of Fresh Eire Designs for turning me into a vampire. Now I know what you're probably wondering. Am I thanking Cullan for turning my picture into a vampire or did Cullan actually turn me into a vampire? Let me clear that...
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The Halloween issue of my Horror with Heart newsletter goes out early next week. If you'd like to sign up, now's the time. My blog (http://keithpyeatt.blogspot.com) is the place. There's a gold box where you enter your email to sign up. No spam, just a newsletter every other month or so. Each...
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Here I am, six days from the release of my paranormal thriller/horror novel Dark Knowledge, and I'm still not certain how to market an eBook. My publisher, Lyrical Press, is experienced at this. They have it out to a dozen places for reviews. I have a page on their site (my LPI bio page). Dark...
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A big weekend awaits me. Tomorrow, I speak at the Land of Enchantment Romance Authors (LERA) monthly program in Albuquerque from 1 - 3 PM. My talk is "The Paranormal." I'll discuss things I've learned about incorporating a different paranormal element into each of my 5 completed novels....
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Point of View POV is a huge topic. Understanding it and how to use it effectively often frustrates new writers. I know I struggled with POV early on. I found it limiting. Now the limits feel more like opportunities. My tip on POV starts with understanding it. There are many excellent books on...
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A Dozen Dialogue TipsByKeith Pyeatt  Writing effective dialogue isn't as easy as you'd think. When characters in your story or novel speak, their conversation must flow as easily and naturally as a conversation you hear on the street--only better. Here are a dozen dialogue tips.   1.  Be natural....
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My HORROR WITH HEART website has been completely redesigned, and I love it. The picture above is a teaser. If you want to see the new site, CLICK HERE.
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Struck by Keith Pyeatt
WooHoo! My pararnormal thriller Struck was just named finalist in the 2009 New Mexico Book Awards in all three of its categories: GLBT book, First Book, and Mystery/Suspense. I'll find out how it placed in all three categories November 20th, but for a first time author, it's like they say on the...
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Dark Knowledge is available at Amazon a month early in the Kindle Edition. WooHoo! Nice surprise for a Wednesday morning.  
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Dark Knowledge
My talented editor and I bonded during the editing of my upcoming horror novel. It was a great experience to team up so effectively to polish Dark Knowledge to a high-gloss shine for it's October 19th release. Now my editor, Nerine Dorman, has asked me six probing questions about Dark Knowledge,...
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My paranormal thriller, Dark Knowledge, has been through the edits, the line edits, and today I finished the galley proof edit and sent my baby back to the publisher. Lyrical Press is turning it into a novel now. And when it comes out October 19th, that novel will be wrapped nicely in this. When...
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Keith Pyeatt
I was interviewed over on the Everyday Blogger blog. It was a lot of fun. Check it out by clicking here.  
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My 2nd newsletter went out last week. It didn't format correctly in this blog, but here's a link. Horror with Heart Newsletter
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