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How to celebrate a round day

Happy 10-10-10 Day!

What will you be doing (or what were you doing, depending on when you read this) at 10:10 AM on 10-10-10? I'm thinking that since it's so many nice round numbers, I should celebrate by getting rounder. Maybe I'll munch down on chocolate eclairs with one of those high-end, ultra-high calorie coffee-ish specialty drinks. That ought to soften a few of my edges.

However you celebrate this round event, hope you enjoy. It won't come round (hehehe) again for quite some time.

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I get to spend 10/10/10 with

I get to spend 10/10/10 with a birthday boy! He's 81 today. I think I'll rub his tummy and go buy a Lotto ticket.

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Ha. That sounds like a plan.

Ha. That sounds like a plan. Have fun and good luck.