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Horror with Heart, Newsletter #5

A copy of my newest newsletter:
Issue 5 October 17, 2010  
HWH Newsletter #5 - The Forward, Backward, and Standing Still Issue
Geeze, I've been quiet a long time. Sorry, but lately I've done a lot of nothing, writing-wise, and didn't want to bore you nice folks with a newsless newsletter. So now, after 10+ months of silence, here I am. Does this mean I have progress to report or am I simply trying to keep you from forgetting me? A little of both I guess. I have movement to report; I'm just not sure what direction it's in. Or maybe I'm going several directions at once. It wouldn't be the first time.
Forward Motion: Tucson, Our New Frontier
We moved to Tucson last month. We loved our 7 years in Albuquerque, but we wanted new frontiers to explore. We also wanted less winter and more summer. I do believe we've found those things, and we love Tucson already. Before moving, we sold almost all our furniture and belongings. We basically started over, and we've made great progress in remodeling and refurnishing our new home. That's definite forward motion for our personal lives, and I hope the new environment will provide new angles and edges for my fiction.
No Motion on the Writing & Marketing Front
When we decided to move, I decided to take a break from writing. I'm unable to write first draft when I have much else going on, and I figured getting the house ready to sell, selling it, finding a new place, buying it, and moving would keep me occupied. I was right. We hit some snags along the way, and the process dragged on and on, along with my writing hiatus. So there, that's my excuse for having nothing to report.all this time. But we're here now, and we're very happy. My excuse is evaporating, and I hope to be writing and reporting on progress again soon.
By the way, I've posted pictures of our new house on Facebook. The pictures show progress as we settled in with the dogs and made the house ours. Take a look AT THIS LINK if you're interested. Below is a shot of one of our favorite features of the house. 

Backward Motion: Dark Knowledge Will Soon be Unavailable
  I faced a difficult decision this week and made the tough choice. I'm taking back the rights to Dark Knowledge. Lyrical Press, my publisher for this novel, did a great job, was a pleasure to work with, and treated me well. So why am I leaving? My genre (paranormal thriller/horror) is one of the genres that hasn't sold well for Lyrical, and they've stopped publishing it. I agree with their decision to tighten their focus to what has been successful for them, but it means I have no real future there.
I hope to find a new publisher for Dark Knowledge and to get it into print and back into eBook form. My chances for success are better if I own all rights. Lyrical Press, class act that they are, understands and agreed to relinquish all rights, effective the end of the year.
This move feels like backward motion, but I hope it opens opportunities to go forward again. Please wish me luck.
Where to Now?
Forward! I may not have been writing new material the last 6 months but I have tinkered with two of my unpublished novels. They aren't the right genre for my Struck publisher, Regal Crest. They're not right for my Dark Knowledge publisher now either, but I do hope to find these novels publishing homes. In the near future, once we finish settling in here in Tucson, I'll return to the first draft of a novel I started a year ago and I'm still excited about. And I'll keep pushing folks to buy Struck. By the way, if you haven't purchased your copy, here's the LINK TO AMAZON you're looking for. I'd love to hear what you think once you've read it, so write me an Amazon review or drop me an email if you're so inclined.
As you can see, I can still plug a book when the mood strikes.
Thanks in advance for sending good thoughts for the future of Dark Knowledge and other novels. I wish everyone well and hope you're planning a wonderfully horrific, fun, and safe Halloween.

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