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Struck has run its course with its publisher. It's been a wonderful experience, my first publishing experience, but all good things end.     Struck went under contract back in July 2008 and was published in 2009, so it's had a good run. Over the past five years, Struck...
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The Pumpkin Ladyby Keith Pyeatt The locals knew her as The Pumpkin Lady. She'd been raising pumpkins for fifty years, most of that time alongside her husband. In their prime, they worked twenty acres. Now an old widow with few needs, she managed a small patch and hired teenagers to harvest the...
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Sometimes I think I'm becoming less of an introvert. After all, I lived alone and isolated (except for my beloved dog) and happily in the rural Northeast Kingdom of Vermont for a decade. Now I've been with my partner for 13 years, and I don't like when we're separated. We have two beloved dogs...
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Today I'm basking in the warm spotlight over at the speculative fiction webzine SpecFicPick. This is a great blog for readers of speculative fiction, because it'll help you find the good stuff out there. In short, SpecFicPick is "dedicated to providing quality content for readers of...
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Me on top of the mountain
We're back from snow skiing near Flagstaff, Arizona, and it was a great time. It was also great timing. We'd made the hotel reservations and purchased discount lift tickets at Snowbowl weeks ago. Obviously, we had no idea what conditions would be like, but we were pleased when it began snowing in...
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I have this really cool, intriguingly dark novel started. It's full of passion, seduction, addiction, greed, a strange alternate world, and even some romance. I call the work in progress Sirens of Sayhurn. I've worked on it, abandoned it, plotted and re-plotted it half to death, redrawn the...
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  Casa de Snapdragon's newest release is now available on Amazon, and I feel like dancing...the tango. Tango Sunday is a collection of "tales on the edge," by Janet Brennan, and there's a story from me in there too. I'll have more to say about Tango Sunday in an upcoming...
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Me and a little piece of the very big ship. We went cruising again, this time to the West Caribbean out of Galveston. We stopped in Cozumel, Mexico; Roatan, Honduras; and Belize City, Belize. What fun! And it was a cruise, so...What food! Cozumel was warm and beautiful. It was also a bit rainy. We...
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  So this is about it for 2012. As always, the year flew by. 2012 certainly wasn't my most productive year writing-wise. In fact, it falls pretty durn low on that list, but I did have a few writing highlights. Daeva - The year started off right when, in January, I found a wonderful...
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I've mentioned dreams several times in my blog posts, because...well, because I dream a lot. Always have. And for the past 8 or 9 months, I've been dreaming even more than usual. Vividly. For the most part, my dreams have become very positive over the past year or so. I'm usually in control and...
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There's an author blog hop called The Next Big Thing that's bouncing happily around the blogosphere lately. To participate, authors answer ten questions about the story they're working on and tag other authors to do the same. Talented and diverse author Nancy Holzner tagged me as well as...
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I always think of November as an odd month, and not just because it is an odd month, being the 11th of the year. November feels heavy to me. Summer is a memory, there are no more refreshing swims outdoors, sweaters and jackets replace shorts and sandals, Halloween is over... We eat...
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When we lived in Albuquerque, NM, I was a regular at SouthWest Writers events for very good reasons. They helped me become a better writer, I met fine folks and made good friends, and I had fun. It's a great organization, and I learned much from their programs, workshops, classes, conferences,...
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Monsters come in many forms. There's the monstrously misshapen but initially kind creature who is turned into a real monster by humanity's intolerance. There's the beautiful, seductive monster with sinister plans or unnatural and unholy appetites. There are human monsters, man-made monsters,...
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Well, it took me a little over two years after moving here to have my first Tucson book signing, but the paperback release of Dark Knowledge urged me out of my gargoyle-lined study and into the light of a bookstore. Two bookstores, actually. After such a long spell without a signing, I had two...
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