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Lone Tree, Colorado
Aug 2010

Keith Olsen was born and raised in Colorado. He graduated from The University of Denver and studied under John Williams (winner of the National Book Award for Augustus, Viking, 1972). He worked as a newspaper executive for sixteen years and as an executive and board member for a national franchise company for six years. He is currently a real estate broker, investor, and writer.  He is the author of a real estate investment book, Absolutely the Best Career Exit Strategy, and is currently marketing his first novel, Aspen's Indigo Twilight. He enjoys kayaking, tennis, and dog wrangling.


I first discovered mysteries through the work of John D. MacDonald and have since enjoyed dozens of authors in the various mystery sub-genres. Sue Grafton, Robert B. Parker, Jonathan Kellerman, Donald Westlake, and Elmore Leonard are all favorites, but I could not list all of my influences here and do it justice. I enjoy continuing series, the chance to gain a thorough understanding of a character, ala MacDonald's Travis McGee. I have always enjoyed literary fiction, the classic works of Steinbeck, Faulkner, Twain, Fitzgerald, and modern writers like Updike, Tom Wolfe, and Joseph Heller. I also enjoy a good Western and the masters of that genre. My characters tend to mimic the attributes found in Western tales. I can relate to the solitary Western hero standing up for a moral cause.

Upcoming Works

Aspen's Indigo Twilight explores what happens when ambition and loyalties get in the way of two high profile people involved in a complex love affair. Set in Aspen and the Caribbean, the underlying story centers around the ethical behavior of business people during bad economic times and how a drug cartel utilize them to launder. The scenario is inspired by real world events involving major corporations who seem to take the stance that it is only a crime if they are caught inthe act.

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Interests & Hobbies

Olsen is an outdoorsman, enjoys horses and dogs, kayaking, is an avid tennis player and photographer. He has a great interest in the history of the American West; the people, the places, the events going back to the first natives to settle the land.