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Aoshima Yukio (1932 -2006) Because of my post “Stop Hunger Strike Anywhere, Please,” I searched the web for a Japanese hunger striker and read Wikipedia. And I thought you might be interested in his work. He was a multi-talented comedy writer like Steve Martin or Al Franken in my opinion. I love...
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むむむのむ  m in "Mmm"  by Iida Kazuko Sensei
Don’t you think hunger-strike is outmoded style of protest? No, it’s highly effective. Peaceful method is better than violent one. We are peaceful people. If we starve ourselves, we’ll die. No one in the great tsunami survived after three days in cold without food. Is he okay? He sprints like...
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my neighbor's sunflowers
Late afternoon, I sit at a patio table in my local café and sip my coffee. I’ve been dragging my feet to finish my current project of last 15 years. I’m getting slower, less focused, bored. I need a break. A book “The Empty Space” by Peter Brook also sits in front of me. I don’t know how many...
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New Bike
    I sold my black mountain bike more than 10 years ago.  I regret it.  A week ago, I bought the bike in the photo.  This time I chose Ladies' bike.  It has 21-speed instead of 3.  I didn't think I needed 21-speed, but it came with it.  I also knew I was a bit short for this 26" bike.  I'm 5'...
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   I took the top two photos this morning. It was drizzling.  The flower is satsuki which is similar to azalea (tsutsuji), but the flowers and leaves are smaller.  It's coincident.  This spot, near the river closed to my place, used to be the home of my childhood classmate, and her name was...
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hanging flowers.jpg
The US economy must be picking up.  I received some email from US recruiters.  There must be a demand for infrastructure and disaster recovery experts there.  This is a coincident because I've been following up on a secondary disaster following the earthquake and tsunami.  The Mizuho Bank's systems...
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  This is an excerpt from an April 24th article appeared on Asahi newspaper.  It was written by Toshihiro Yamanaka, chief of the Asahi Newspaper New York bureau. Fukushima Daiichi reactors No.1 through No. 4 are called Mark I which was made by GE in 60s.  Yamanaka captured the news that once there...
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I'm an optimist, but at the mid-March, I wrote back to one of email I received that I thought the whole Japan was going underneath the water.  Only a moment perhaps, but the thought zipped past through my mind.  The ocean didn't, but ashes buried Pompeii. Terada Torahiko, a physicist and author,...
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Low Radiation for a long period.jpg
  So, we know that exposing to enormously high radiation all at once or having accumulated over 100 millisieverts will increase the cancer risk.  But what would happen if we were exposed to low radiation for a long period? Nikkei newspaper of April 17 showed the above graph.  The title is "...
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Petals behind the fence.jpg
    Below is an excerpt from May issue of Bungeishinju magazine.  The title of this interview-styled article is "The Truth Is It Takes A Year," and the subtitle is "Erroneous Reports on Radiation." Interviewer:       Koichi Okamoto, specialized in Crisis Psychology, Professor at...
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Bonsai Pine.jpg
  Conflicts continue here.  Please see this amazing photo below.  It is the only pine tree remained at Takadamatsubara, a picturesque spot in Rikuzentakata City in Iwate prefecture.  A few days ago, I read that about 70,000 pine trees used to grow there. http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/zoom/20110324-...
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Plates and earthquake.jpg
  I'm not an expert of earthquakes, but a blogger has mentioned fault, so I decided to write this blog.  First, I live in Yokohama, but about six months a year, I live in San Dimas, California which is close to famous San Andreas Fault.  I don't know how close it is though.  According to my digital...
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evacuees spreading.jpg
  My very good friend in Yokohama came from Saitama prefecture.  Michiko was born there.  After she married, she's been living in Yokohama.  But her brother still lives in Saitama and takes care of his pear orchards and rice fields.  She said, a while after she married, one day she heard from her...
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Doubts and Damages.jpg
The article, "Question Tomodachi's True Value" appeared on page 3 of the April 7th Asahi newspaper.  According to the paper, the Japanese government officials are extremely dissatisfied with the way the U.S. handled in the face of the disaster.  Tomodachi means friends, and the name of a...
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kobus magnolia.jpg
“never let rain bother” by Miyazawa Kenji translated by keiko amano   He was a fine educator who lived after his ideal life and wrote poems.  Amenimomakezu is the title of the poem below.  The literal translation of it is “Not to be defeated by also rain.”  Ame (rain) nimo (also) makezu (not...
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