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Voice Training with the Beatles’ Songs

Bi-monthly, the Beatles’ fans gather at Kazuyuki Komuro’s voice training class at Yomiuri Cultural Center in Sogo Department Store.  The Sogo is at the east exit of the Yokohama station. 


We sing one of the Beatles’ songs to Komuro-Sensei’s piano.  And the third meeting, he helps produce our version of the song.  After each meeting, we go downstairs to a restaurant for drinks.  I love this part about Japan.  For every gathering, we have second gathering.  Sometimes, the second leads to the third, and once in a while, the third is followed by the fourth.  The only drawback for me is that they smoke.  I blurted out this past Tuesday that I would die with cancer that very night.  But they didn’t tell me off or throw me out.  Instead, they were considerate in their own way to let me sit at the area where the smoke flows the least.  Well, it is another love and pain.  It’s worth it.  Besides, the restaurant plays the Beatles’ songs.


Kazuyuki Komuro is a professional musician and producer.  When the Ventures, the kings of electric guitars in ‘60s, came to Japan, he played in the pre-performance of their concert.  He was fourteen years old.  He has many interesting tales to tell about Japan’s Rock’n' Roll beginning.  The stories are just fascinating.  One of my favorites is about his cousin and his rock group members in Shikoku.  Shikoku is an island southwest of Tokyo.  Their troubles in finding electric guitars drew me into the story, and their drummer’s struggle for making his drums made me laugh and cry.   Komuro-san said at the time western drums weren’t available in the music stores in Shikoku.  I was impressed with their effort for love of the Ventures’ music.


I’d like to introduce you to Komuro-san:     http://komsong.com/hidden/ 

If you need help in communicating with him, please let me know.  I’m here to serve artists.