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A scroll with Sanskrit words

I knew the word "Sanskrit" and bon-ji (凡字).  But I didn't know bon-ji meant Sanskrit words.  Attached photo is a scroll of bonji.  I used to think they are a variation of Kanji.  My mother used the scroll in her ocha (tea ceremony) party.  I don't remember what it says.  I hope Jitu can help me decipher the words on the photo.

In the Japanese language, we use two sets of 54 simple letters beside kanji characters.  One is hiragana, and the other is katakana.  The first letter of the sets is "a," and the last, "um."  I think this is the same as the beginning and ending of the Sanskrit words.  In English, we spell it "Ohm."  We say it "Aun."

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Come to think of it, the scroll probably means “A-Um” because my mother often promoted good communications, and she thought the best one needs no word. She called it the rhythm of “A-Um breath.” She also loved scrolls of a circle. The brushstroke of a circle also meant A-Um to her.

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  Hi Keiko figure like

  Hi Keiko figure like this in your scroll is most pious word of hindu sanskrit scripture.  "OM" written like this 'symbol' in sanskrit. We hindu believes that it is the first sound of universe.It is a sound you will find in all kind of nature related things like wind, thunder, sea waves. We call it 'nad-brahm' too. means sound of brahma, the creator of this universe. In indian meditation when we practice breathing, we exhale air from mouth while producing this sound like Oooommmmmm.Its a vibrating sound too with positive energy. All kind of music emerge from this sound, like sa,re,ga,ma--or do,re, me.

All hindu mantras are starting with pronouncing "OM" first.Here is some more details.http://www.iloveulove.com/spirituality/hindu/omaum.htm

 2nd figure looks like "Gum" [ 2nd word in this two upper lines. Gum is also a word used in mantras.

 here is the meaning of the word `Gum' in the verse. 

 `Gum is a special character which amplifies the expression of
anuswara, the sound of an atom, which means perfection. Ga means
wisdom, plus Om, the Infinite beyond conception - the ultimate wisdom,
or the wisdom of the Infinite beyond conception. "

 This will give you the idea of Hindu scriptue and symbolics too. I hope you will find it interesting.



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 Jitu,Wow, how



Wow, how beautiful!  I don't think even my mother knew exactly what it was.  I wish I can go to the heaven and tell her.  Thank you.

I was somewhat right about the meaning.  Because my mother loved Om so much, she owned a Zen circle scroll, too.  I think the Sanskrit scroll was painted or written by a high priest of either Daitokuji or Engakuji, not by an Indian person.  So it is probably not a pure Indian way of writing.  As you wrote, there must be many ways to write Sanskrit words.  It's the art itself.  I will treasure your reply and this scroll. 

And I love the connection between do re mi and Om.  That makes sense!  Yes, I find it very very interesting.



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one more

One more beautiful thing Keiko,

             Gum= wisdom

             OM= creator, preservator and distroyer, [GOD]

             Pa= receive, get, gain

now you have an answer for one more similar buddhist word.

Gum+Om+Pa = GAUMPA OR Gompa, buddhist monestry.

[ it has just enlightened to my mind] 

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Thank you



Gun(m) can be 願.  It means prayer in Japanese.  We used it since the ancient time.  Gum sounds Chinese rather than the ancient yamato (indigenous Japanese) pronunciation.  The word is related to the Buddhist practice.  Buddha must have prayed in order to receive wisdoms.  祈願所 means a prayer hall.  A prayer hall can be a Buddhist monastery, I think.

The last two alphabet of "wisdom" happens to be OM.  Omen, ominous, omnipotent and so on also have OM in the beginning, and they all have the meaning of abundance or almighty.  Since I couldn't find a meaningful explanation on the etymology of the "om" element, I feel a possible connection between those English words and Sanskrit.  If it is just a coincidence, there must be a reason for it.  It is fascinating.   

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Even though I speak nothing

Even though I speak nothing but plain old English, I can still visualize your mother having that lovely tea ceremony with the bonji scroll. Thanks for sharing your world with a little old Texan, Keiko!

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Dorraine, Thank you for


Thank you for making a visit here and look at the scroll. That's the first thing you do after you enter a tea room. Perhaps later on, I'd like to show you more about ocha.

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Keiko and Dr. Jitu, you are

Keiko and Dr. Jitu, you are reminding me of how much I don't know. There are entire worlds out there about which I know next to nothing.

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Ellen, I feel the same way


I feel the same way when I read your blogs.  I appreciate all the info. and discussions you provide.  Most of all, I appreciate the open atmosphere in which I can express myself.  That's tremendous.  That's so OM! 

And I just learned all this about Sanskrit from Jitu and Sumathi in RR.  Before, I only knew the word "Sanskrit" and the ancient connection to our language.     I'm so excited.

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 Ellen,I feel the same


I don't know why this happens.  It was there, and gone, and then reappear after I post it again.

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I've been getting some

I've been getting some mysterious double posts recently, too, Keiko.  I think there's a minor glitch.

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From darkness to light! Om!

Dear Keiko,
You have taken us all from misery to light!You are the 'STAR OF THE DISCUSSIONS!' The way our discussions have progressed, is so amazing to notice, with Dr. Jitu's valuable contribution regarding Om! Though, it didnt miss my notice that he carefully avoided interacting with me ...hehe!! Wonder why???....lol...(just saying this on a light note, lest I be misunderstood for that too)_
At Vivekananda rock in Kanyakumari, I experienced the real effect of Om! in the tranquility of nature. It was amazing! One could feel the Om! sound beginnning from the naval(the nabi) as it went out slowly, the sound vibrating in the throat!as it died down. It is used as an effective tool in yoga too, to get over shallow breathing. I love Om!
The Indian alphabets vovels too starts with 'a' and ends with 'um' and 'ah'.
Your words Keiko..."I think the Sanskrit scroll was painted or written by a high priest of either Daitokuji or Engakuji, not by an Indian person. So it is probably not a pure Indian way of writing". .....guess here we need some spade work, digging into the history, herculean task indeed to unveil which language originated from which language, hence cannot be stated as of now!
Thank you Keiko for the scroll, and to Dr. Jitu for sharing Om! Gotta hurry now! Good Morning to all!, have a great day.
How are you doing Ellen?

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I am sorry for what you

I am sorry for what you  feel. But believe me it was not purposefully. You already are a genius lady knowing our culture very well. I am proud of you for that. Beside, I was very eager and enthusiastic to give keiko an answer, she was searching. Thanks for reminding me.


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Jitu,  Sumathi is just


Sumathi is just teasing you.  She is mischievous.



I love Om also.  I took a UCLA extension course on improving voice many years ago.  The instructor used the Yoga breathing technique to train our voice.  So I used to practice Om in my car on the way to my job and back, and I tried to breath from my stomach and last each sound as long as I could.  It made me feel better, and my voice improved.  Now, when I'm depressed or people are not around me, I utter OM sometimes.  It lifts me up.

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I am well, Sumathi, but

I am well, Sumathi, but after reading this, I must add you to my list of people who know much about subjects far beyond me.  :-D

How are you, dear?

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Learning is fun!

When you are not having fun, you are not learning! This has been my onliner since I began teaching. You are right Keiko, I was just teasing Dr. Jitu, in a friendly manner, to pull in everybody into a single thought process. Good practice Keiko, you really know how to use time well! Yes, it does improve sound, Om! helped me culture my voice too. Today I am a proud owner of a husky and rich voice due to Om! has helped me a lot to control shallow breathing too, that helped me get rid of breathing problems....Let me share a secret here, I sound taller than I am !...lol. There is a blog on yoga too on my page, if you find time to read, please do.
Thank you Dr. Jitu, honoured by the compliments.

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I better start om-ing. 

I better start om-ing.  :-)  I am tall, but my voice is girl-ish.  Would like your husky, rich voice, Sumathi.  Maybe long-haired people get the better voices?!  :-D

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Sumathi, You’re hilarious.


You’re hilarious. I’m sure you sound much taller than you are. I read your yoga blog and enjoyed it. We have a free yoga class in San Dimas, California, but not during summer.

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Thank you all! I´ve learned

Thank you all! I´ve learned a lot here!
It´s really interesting that Pa means receive, get, gain, because Pai, in Portuguese means Father :-)

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Pai and receive


I was 10 or 11.  My father was sitting down in our living/dining room.  I stepped into the room and said,


"How much?" he replied.

"What do you mean, how much?"  I was upset.

He was smiling.  I guess he wanted to let me know only times I went to him was when I needed money.  My mother was strict.   I felt a shame and watched my behavior afterward.  Maybe you can see why my father doesn't appear in my dream, but my mother does.  We need to be tough in order to make a guest appearance in someone's dreams.  

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  'Pa' has a similar


'Pa' has a similar  meaning in  hindi  too.

'Pa liya' = I got it

 'Pa loge'= you will got it

 'Pa na hai'= yet to get. [ I or you, in either case]


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Pa... from....Ellen, Keiko, Jitu, Luciana.....

What a simple expression, yet deep! What a nice father you have! Haa...haha...lol..I am hilarious to the core, keiko! Your smile speaks a lot about your personality , you too must be hilarious , no doubt! Impressive! Ah! sweet smiling Luciana!, Greetings! where had you been? missed you here,Ellen triggered us all and we ended up with enlightening scripts and got to know each other. Luciana ...in Hindi 'Pana' 'paya' are related to receive .... gosh! did we all speak the same tongue some time ago? The connection amazes me! Where is this conversation leading to...I am enjoying it tremendously. Where is Dr. Jitu, by the way? ..smiles. Omigosh~! I almost missed reading you Ellen! Om! is all yours for a rich husky voice, nothing to do with my long hair ...lol!...its all the way to "Om...shanti ...om!"..(shanti means peace)...shanti! shanti!shanti! (peace be to all)

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              enjoying sunday afternoon at home, raining outside. You will be agree with me that Ellen and Keiko are master anchore or a host. They post blog on any subject and soon it fly high in all dirction with comments and reply and rereplies. Isn't it 'Elan'?


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Jitu, Thank you for your

Jitu, Thank you for your compliment, but you started the first Sanskrit word.  I couldn’t help noticing it.  Because I received an honorable request from Empress of India, I added another blog “Ocha.” 

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Jap Tea Ceremony

Keiko can you please write a blog on "Jap Tea Ceremony"! I hv heard its a long procedure, as a part of socialising, in your culture.
A vague memory hangs on,(in school days) reading about a tea ceremony that is related to marriage. Whether it is Japanese or chinese I am not sure.
When the boy comes to see the bride to be, the girl if she likes him adds sugar in his cup, if she doesnt the green tea is served to him minus sugar. So this way only the boy knows whether he is accepted or rejected and he saves his grace in the occasion. The matter is so simple and crystal clear.

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Cruising around!

Agreed Jitu!
I love this cruising around in Ellen's and Keiko's ships! Wonder which unknown lands they can take us to? May I say this with elan!(style) Jitu...smiles.Thankyou for visiting me!
Sunday is spent on enhancing beauty tips..lol..Hyderabad is running dry these days, though it is cloudy here. I wish you could send some rain this way.Mumbai and Indore are flooded!

Have a great evening Jitu.

Keiko, so when are you hosting the tea ceremony?...lol

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Sumathi, I wrote a blog just


I wrote a blog just for you, so please forgive me for not have asked you about the Sanskrit word.  About other things you mentioned such as putting sugar, I have no idea, but I'm sure it isn't Japanese.