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My Friend’s Mother

Michiko Momiki was a resident of Palm Desert.  I learned about her death last week.  On the day she died, she had breakfast as usual.  In the afternoon, her granddaughter didn’t see her around, so she went to check her suite which she shared with two cats.  Michiko was lying down on her sofa.  Granddaughter thought she was taking a nap.  She returned to the family room, and  later, she went back to check on grandma again.  This time, she went closer.  That was the beginning of the family’s gradual awareness about her death.


I often described Michiko to Japanese friends of mine this way.   She was sixty when she came to the U.S., and she learned to speak English and drive.  And she drove freeways! 


We had dinners together at steakhouse “Nest” which her oldest daughter owns in Palm Desert.  She once came over  to my San Dimas home for a bowl of tea.  Her joyful, feminine way impressed me because no Japanese women of her age had an easy life.    I miss her stories back in Kyoto and Kobe and her beautiful Kyoto accent.

She was 91.  On the attached photo, she was 82 years young.

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 Keiko, What a sad story.


What a sad story. I'm sorry to hear about her death but she seemed pretty amazing to learn English and driving after sixty.

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How sad

How sad Keiko. She sounds like she was an absolutely amazing person. At least you had the pleasure to know her, build memories together and live life to the full while she was here.

I hope you will accept my sincerest condolences to you.

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Thank you

Julia and Ryoma,

 Thank you for your kind comments.  She was one of few role models to me, and even her death is.

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Sorry to learn about this.

But your attitude makes you a role model for the rest of us--