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A Charlie Brown version of Aberjhani





   This is Jitu, so I think I can make it more like Jitu next time.  


                     Lu                                      Rebb in a Halloween constume


I couldn't select one for Chris Meeks because none of them look a bit like him.  Maybe, I can come up with a better idea later on.






I hope you enjoy it.

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I absolutely love it!

I absolutely love it!

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Your face


Have you seen your name?  I missed it at the first load.  Now, it is there.

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Thank you!

Rina, I forgot.  

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Keiko, you bring joy to my

Keiko, you bring joy to my lazy Sunday in my side of the world!  :-)

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Mine is recognizably perfect.

Mine is recognizably perfect. Thanks.

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Rina and Jitu,

I awoke very early this morning, and I was inspired.  I drew all of them from this and previous posts.  I had most fun.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Keiko, These are wonderful!

Keiko, These are wonderful! Thank you for the cute Halloween Costume. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!


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Little Rebb Riding Hood


I should have painted your costume red instead, but I have only pink.  I have to go buy more colors.  I think I'll enjoy coloring those face also, too.  Maybe, later on, I'll dress them in outrageous costumes!  Watch out.

I'll upload more faces you know.



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What a smile you brought to my face, thank you. :)

I love these and really appreciate you sharing them So many familiar names and faces!

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I'm glad you like it.  I'm sure you can make that face to match, or maybe, Gina has seen you make that face. 

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How delightful!

Keiko, these are magnificent! Thank you for such a fun idea!



Huntington Sharp, Senior Editor, Red Room


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a fun idea


I'm glad you liked it.  I enjoyed it immensely. 

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Love it Keiko! So apt and you

Love it Keiko! So apt and you make me feel special. I want an enlarged version for the living room wall. Thank you. mx

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You are special, so it came out of my pen.  It's strange how it comes out.  It is a surprise every time. For some people, it isn't easy for various reasons.  But for sure, I had an image of you on my mind that was distinct and that led me to that picture.


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I found Mary's most simple and Hunti's most complicated.

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simple and complicated


I like to draw simple pictures.  Come to think of it, I could draw Hunt rather than Huntington.  I didn't think of that.  Your spelling gave me an idea.  Thank you.

But for Julia Stein, it came out too ordianry, so I added her last name.  

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an added E

Thanks, Keiko.

Now I'm all put together.    :)

When will you do KEIKO?

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Keiko: Thank you! For some


Thank you! For some reason I seem like someone who is verryyyy angry, and it is perhaps partly true. (You know it isn;t so entirely...) I will read up the genesis, for that would be fascinating. I am afraid I could not respond earlier, and I am still a bit unconnected.

I have not 'analysed' the other illustrations, so I do not know what they might mean/convey. But, it is a fun thing, as everyone has said. And quite a beautiful gesture from you...will try and look in again later.

And I second Dolores: When do we get a Keiko?


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something missing


I didn't realize that the picture looked angry.  I thought it looked surprised looking rightward as though there is something there. But two a's and no eyebrows look something missing.  Let me  work on it. 

I also didn't realize Dolores was asking about my picture.  That'll be difficult. But I shall try it.

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Let's have  KEIKO !

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I wish I can come up more outrageously interesting picture, but this was the only one.  This was actually my first choice.  I thought the previous one had more personality, but I looked at it closely, and I could see why you said it looked angry.  You're right.  Those eyes looked a bit harsh.

I tried to draw a completely new one, but I ran out of my idea for now.  If I come up something better, I let you know.  Also, do you have a short nickname?  

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Dolores and Farzana,

Because of your request, I came up Keiko at the bottom.

This is the way I feel right now?!

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This is the way I feel right now?!

Prissy and dozing?

That's not the Keiko I know.    :)

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I look cute...... love  ur creativity Keiko...... thank you so much... this simple presentation shows your ever lasting love for all your friends. Love you simply xxx

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Not like me?


Your comment triggered another manga to post.  Please wait.

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Hi Sumathi,

I'm glad you had a chance to stop by.  I think my image of you was influenced by many seals I saw at Morro Bay a few weeks ago.  They were cute and born free.

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Sooooo Creative!

Keiko, I am just now reading the PM you sent me, so also just now seeing your artistry.  I love my face in letters...and I have a lot of hair, so it's appropriate that you incorporated that into the sketch!

Hope all is well with you.



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A lot of hair


I had no idea you have a lot of hair.  It must be ESP.  It's great you stop by.  I appreciate it.  I'm planning to draw Red Roomers' name in kana (Japanese simple letters) later on.  I'm in Japan, and when I'm in Yokohama, I take kana shodo (brushstrokes) class.  It's relaxing.  I'll let you know when I brushstroke your name and upload it.  I hope to have a kana shodo party on Red Room!  You can try it yourself, too.

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basket case

Keiko, saw the entry about your aunt's lovely basket. Tried to say--

Thank you so much, Keiko. I'd never seen anything like this. You educate us in other cultures. I'm grateful.


but the blog would not accept my comment.  :(  I'm pouting.


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lacquered bamboo basket


I just added to my RR blog.  Thank you for your comment.

You may not see the link I put it.  I wish Japanese sites are more accomodating.  They have 19 minutes video about the bamboo exhibit, but it's quite boring even if you understand Japanese?!  I hope to introduce more Japanese arts later on and for the rest of my life.  This energy comes from my mother, and I'm her robot, so to speak.

By the way, I introduced my mother's writing on the procedure to serve a kaiseki meal during an ocha party.


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your Japanese website

Quite amazing. Your facility with Eastern and Western culture. I was looking forward to reading the description of the kaiseke meal. It will have to wait, however, until I master Japanese.   lol 

All good thoughts, Keiko

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kai means one's bosom under kimono, and seki means stone.  kaiseki meal means a meager meal to sustain us.  when people had no foods, they warmed a stone and inserted it into their bosom to ease their hunger pain.  

But today, kaiseki became a big business and they serve 8 or more courses with plenty of portion and variety of foods.  As far as I know, there is no restaurant in Los Angeles that serve kaiseki.  If they say they do, it is kaiseki-like meals.  Real kaiseki is labor intensive.